5 reasons not to be blue on Blue Monday in Poland

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The most depressive day in the whole year always falls on the third Monday of January, and this year it is today, 15 January 2018. If you are feeling extra demotivated and down on this date, please do not! You are in Poland, so there are reasons NOT to be upset about the whole thing – see below!

First failed New Year’s resolutions and bad January weather are blamed for somewhat inexplicable misery and gloominess felt on this day by many people all over the Northern hemisphere. This affects your personal as well as professional life, but is there really a reason to be blue on Blue Monday when you are in Poland?

1. Winter

One of the criteria for establishing the exact date of Blue Monday is bad winter weather. Maybe somewhere else it is simple as that, but is January in Poland really THAT bad? In the recent years, the toughest winters somehow shifted further into February, March or even April, so January is quite mild with occasional snowfalls and low, but luckily not extreme temperatures. Look outside and see that it is actually frosty, yet pretty at the same time!

2. Nightlife

You live in the country with one of the best or at least most affordable nightlife in the world! A night out will not ruin your monthly budget, so even after a tough day at work you can wind up in a lovely pub with your colleagues or friends.

Curious about nightlife in Poland? Here are some tips!

3. Food!

Photo: A bowl of warm bigos to save the day!

With nightlife comes cuisine. How can you be down when your freezer is packed with Polish pierogi and you can get a zapiekanka in almost every street? On Blue Monday it should be obligatory for employers to feed their staff bigos and pączki in order to keep the spirits high – that would do the job just fine and Blue Monday would be a non-existent expression in Poland.

4. Colours

When you are tired of literally everything, take a look around and appreciate all the colours in Polish cities and towns, which can be seen even in winter. Do you live in Poznań? That is great, since you can see the most colourful town houses in the Old Town. Are you located in the countryside? That is just perfect for spotting painted folk houses or ornamented window shutters. Even your post-communist block of flats may be painted in all colours of the rainbow… although we are not sure if that’s a nice thing…

5. Everyone is irritated anyway

Come on, we are in Poland. People hide here behind their poker faces all the time. It does not mean that random passers-by are angry with you, it is just one of these ypical Polish things. Blue Monday or not, you will not see much difference in people’s behaviour, so why be down? It is a Monday after all… 

Feel better now? We hope so! And see you on 21 January, 2019...

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