Poland Business Run 2017 – last call!

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How to integrate with your colleagues, build team spirit and on top of that help other people? Poland Business Run is a perfect opportunity for that and it is about to take place for the seventh time. Why is it worth signing up?

1. Team spirit

If you are feeling that your team of colleagues lacks motivation, shares no significant common goal or is too distant, participating in any sort of after-hours activity may bring about good changes. As a foreigner, especially if you are new at your workplace, feel free to suggest bold new ideas if you think that your colleagues could use some extra motivation in CSR activities. After all you risk nothing!

2. Off-work exercise

The run can also affect your general fitness and well-being. After some overtime in a glass building you may feel a little bit tired of your work environment. Getting out to train, burn calories and sweat out your frustrations must be beneficial for both mind and body! After a proper workout and a new personal record, meeting a deadline is sure to be a piece of cake, even if sports is not your strong suit.

3. Giving back

While you are still in the prime of life, you can use your potential to help the others. Poland Business Run is aimed at helping those who need prostheses and orthopaedic equipment. If the patients require rehabilitation or psychological help, these are provided as well.

How can you join?

By registering a team of five in one of Poland’s major cities (Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Katowice, Łódź, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Lublin) and incurring a starting fee of PLN 378 gross. After that, you can participate in the event, which this year takes place 3 September 2017 in all the aforementioned cities. Follow this link to sign up for Poland Business Run 2017 (after selecting your city). Do not hesitate and… good luck!  

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Ewelina Nurczyk

Ewelina Nurczyk


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