Diploma recognition in Poland

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How to have your diploma recognised in Poland? Do you need to undergo the whole process? Which jobs does diploma recognition apply to?

What is diploma recognition?

It is the process of determining a Polish equivalent of your foreign educational certificate, diploma or academic title. It is not obligatory for anyone with a diploma earnt abroad – Poland has signed a number of bilateral agreements which allow you to skip this process and enjoy your work or continuation of education in Poland.

Want to check if your diploma needs to be recognised in Poland?
See the list of agreements between Poland and other countries.

You also do not need to have your diploma recognised in Poland if you were educated in an EU, OECD or EFTA country.

In the case of other countries, it may vary, and therefore diploma recognition may be necessary. To find that out, contact your local ENIC or NARIC (European Network of Information Centres; National Academic Recognition Information Centres), both institutions responsible for assisting in the process of recognising educational documents in different countries.

Please also make sure that your college was accredited and was part of an operating academic system during the course of your study. If not, your diploma will not be recognised in Poland.

Regulated professions

There is a number of professions that require further actions regarding your diploma earnt abroad. These are the so-called regulated professions listed by the EU (but different for every member state!). There are over 300 of them, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, but also engineers and various technical jobs. In their case, if you got your diploma outside EU, OECD or EFTA, it may be necessary not only to have it recognised in Poland, but also to sit some extra exams to prove your knowledge and skills are compatible with Polish requirements.

How to have your diploma recognised?

Foreigners must find an academic institution (e.g. a university or college) that according to the Polish law is able to grant a title in their field of study. For instance, if your major was Finance and Accounting, you can address the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University etc. Individuals who have trouble finding a faculty or institute corresponding to their major should contact university's rector, who is to decide which university unit is to deal with their specific case. Once everything is clear, you can apply to the faculaty board/scientific council for a recognition of your foreign diploma. The application should include:

  • original or copy of a foreign diploma that is the subject of recognition;
  • copy of a school-leaving certificate which was the ground for university admission;
  • résumé in Polish;
  • declaration that  the diploma was not subject to any recognition process at any Polish university.

If your application for diploma recognition is rejected, you may appeal to the faculty board.

Charges and fees

University boards are allowed to charge for diploma recognitions, but it varies from one college to another. It usually is an amount between PLN 1,000 to 5,000. This fee should include some extra classes that need to be taken in order to cover any curriculum differences. 

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