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Getting a work permit in Poland is becoming easier and easier. Thanks to new representative units of Voivodeship Offices, foreigners staying in Poland can now get a work permit in just one day. How to get your work permit on the spot?

New facilitation

The Mazowsze Voivodeship office, one out of sixteen such offices in Poland, has introduced more representative units that deal with issuing work permits for foreigners taking up legal work in Poland. Apart from the already existing delegatures in Warsaw, Siedlce and Ciechanów, now there is a new one in Radom, soon to be joined by Ostrołęka and Płock. Not only there are more of them, but also they issue work permits on the spot – provided the client brings a full set of required documents.

What should you bring to get a work permit?
Read about necessary documents for work permit in Poland.

Lower fee

Another news regarding work permits in Poland is that from 1 January 2018 employers will pay only PLN 30 for applying for a work permit for a seasonal worker or filing a declaration of intention to employ a foreigner. This update however affects only the aforementioned cases; if your employer is applying for a work permit for a longer period of time or in other circumstances, its fee remains the same.

Work permits

A quick reminder for anyone interested in obtaining a work permit – it is not always necessary to apply for it. Scientific or academic researchers, musicians, athletes in most cases do not need to worry about it, unless their professional activities last for a long period of time. Students of Polish universities are also generally free from the obligation of obtaining a work permit. Foreigners coming from many countries on the East can work for up to half a year on the basis of the declaration of intention to employ a foreigner instead of a visa.

If it turns out that you need a work permit, it is always your employer who arranges the process. 

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