Why do foreigners choose Poland? Survey by Morizon.pl

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What if 667 foreigners were asked about their experience in Poland? Why did they come here and what do they like or dislike? Morizon.pl, a real estate website, has conducted a survey which holds answers to these questions. Check it out!

Expat profile

Who are foreigners deciding to relocate to Poland? The majority of them comes from Ukraine, Belarus or Russia, but this expat profile is slowly changing. Now there are more and more Germans, Italians, French or Chinese people who reside in Poland. It is estimated that although Polish authorities issued 234,000 residence permits in 2016, the number of foreign residents in Poland is actually much higher and bound to grow even further. Brexit is one of the factors that can increase the influx of foreigner into Poland.

Reasons for relocation

Morizon.pl investigated numerous reasons behind the decision to move to Poland. Slightly more than half of the surveyed relocated with job opportunities in mind, while the second most popular reason is pursuing higher education (42 per cent). Family and relationships are also quite common (18 and 3 per cent respectively). 3 per cent of those surveyed by Morizon.pl felt the urge to change something in their lives – which category do you fall into?

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Best cities

The survey split its city rankings into nine categories and selected a winner in each of them:

  • Safety – Kraków
  • Cost of living – Łódź
  • Potential – Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia & Sopot)
  • Modernity – Poznań
  • Friendly attitude – Poznań
  • Aesthetics – Warszawa
  • Tolerance – Katowice & Poznań ex aequo
  • Culture/Pastime – Kraków
  • Ecology – Poznań

Summing up all the results, Poznań turned out to be the absolute winner in the eyes of expats living in Poland. Do you agree or would you add any other cities to the list above?

Learning Polish?

If you struggle with the language barrier in Poland, there are more expats like you. There are some who give up entirely and claim they are not going to learn Polish at all (44.6 per cent), while the rest are either planning to take up Polish lessons (13.7 per cent) or are already learning the language (41.6 per cent). Within the latter group, however, the majority is still at the most basic level of their linguistic journey. Could you compete with them?

See the overall results of the Morizon.pl survey on the infographic below.

Source: Morizon.pl

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