Employee profile: Meagan from Citi Service Center Poland

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What career paths await foreigners relocating to Poland? Two expats take us on a journey through their real-life experience, the challenges and the opportunities they have encountered on the way. This week we meet Meagan from Citi Service Center Poland, who tells us all about her professional history.

Meagan Brown (pictured right) is American and works as an Engagement and Organizational Change Analyst at Citi Service Center Poland. She shares her professional story, which dates back to 2013… 

How did she set out for her international career?

Meagan graduated from Texas A&M University with two degrees, one in English and the other in History, but she took part in the Graduate Analyst Program in Dallas, Texas back in the summer of 2013. The program selected high-performing college students to be part of a two year, rotational program within Citi’s Technology Infrastructure organization. With her academic background it took a bit of a mind shift to get into the technology infrastructure part of an international corporation, but she worked hard to learn and over time was able to move into internal communications and internal product marketing, a great hybrid between a technology role and a business role. 

Meagan’s first job there was… 

… a mixture of program management and project management. After completing an 8-week Mainframe training course with her peers in the Graduate Analyst Program, she began doing a hybrid of technical project management, while managing a high school internship program, graduate summer and full-time interns and analysts, and working on developing internal training curriculum. She also worked with vendors to bring external curriculum into Citi’s environment. 

What was the most challenging in these first stages of career? 

Managing several key stakeholders and people in general. The high school internship program required Meagan to be responsible for four high schoolers’ time four hours a day, five days a week. Ensuring they were providing value back to Citi and that they were getting value from their time with the company was a huge balancing act and a test for her, but it also proved to be a valuable lesson. 

The first promotion came in 2014. 

Meagan found herself taking on increasing responsibility and beginning to look for opportunities to work on a global scale. She had always had an interest in working abroad and once she had completed her time in the Graduate Analyst Program and taken her first promotion, she began looking for ways to move internationally within Citi Technology Infrastructure (CTI).

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What or who helped Meagan along the course of her career so far? 

The credit can be split between her mentors, her manager, and she herself. Meagan’s manager gave her increasingly more responsibility, while her mentors encouraged her to develop personally and build out her annual and five-year plan. They also stressed the importance of soft skills and areas that might not be getting as much practice in daily work. And then she personally pushed herself to take on more challenging tasks, but also to stop and ask for help or explanation if necessary. 

This year, Meagan’s manager encouraged her to attend the CEB Black Belt Partner training in London to become certified in communications and partnership techniques taught through the course. She has taken this training to heart, sharing much of what she learned in sessions with her larger team. 

Meagan’s current position at Citi Service Center Poland involves coordinating global internal communications and engagement initiatives for CTI, which includes… 

  • The bi-annual CTI Town Hall and Town Hall socials, opportunities to learn about Citi’s key goals and initiatives, while networking informally with senior leaders 
  • Voice of the Employee network events such as the Global Fruit Party, online and in-person Meet Your Leader and Talk2Me sessions, and Lunch & Learns / Product Series events 
  • Building and managing the Careers@CTI development platform, an internal development tool to help people look across the organization
  • and find upward mobility opportunities and personal development areas based on a common framework
  • Management of third-party development opportunities and contracts, such as Pluralsight, a third party technical development source. 

What next? 

Meagan is planning to continue to become a trusted business partner for senior leaders across the organisation, working on larger scale,
global projects. Though she is currently working on projects with a global nature, there is always more to do and more ways to develop! 

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