From footballer to team leader. Meet Joonas from Nordea

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Joonas is the newest member of our Finnish-speaking family in Nordea Poland. He is the first Finnish team leader in Banking Operations at Nordea Poland in Łódź. We are now giving him a chance to share his first impressions of the new position and the city. We are very happy to have him with us and hope that he will bring a lot of new ideas and positive changes to Banking Operations at Nordea Poland.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

I come from a small town in South East Finland. I just turned 31 and I am soon to be an uncle of a little girl, so very excited. My entire family lives in Finland, but I always wanted to travel and explore new cultures. I am positive, outgoing and not afraid to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. I am very committed to my work, but I think that there should always be room for smiles and laughs. I am known for my bad jokes among my friends.

What made you change your life and come to Poland?

I have been working in Nordea for seven years and I spent the last year in Luxembourg, being part of the winding down process at Nordea International Private Banking. After the project I decided that I would like to continue working internationally. The position in Poland offered me a chance to do so, to learn something new and also, to use my previous experience of working directly with clients in Finland. I also had a chance to meet many Polish people before and thanks to the Polish hospitality, it was not hard to convince me to come here.

Was it difficult to move to Poland?

My previous experiences of moving to another country were more difficult than this one. I would say that thanks to the lessons learnt in the past, helpful friends and good people in Nordea, I didn’t encounter many difficulties. Sometimes the language causes minor challenges, but so far I have been able to manage pretty dobrze.

What differences can you see between Finland and Poland when it comes to the work environment?

I think that the Polish working style is bit more structured and the rules, which mostly come from the law, are sometimes different compared to Finland and Luxembourg.

A clear structure is definitely a good thing, it helps us to do our job, to deliver the services to our customers and make them happy. I also think that there need to be rules, but mostly I hope they are set for a good reason within the team. When it comes to our company’s values, I think there is no difference, at least for now.

I have to say the people here in Nordea Poland are truly committed to our common cause - serving our customers. I am very happy and proud to work with so many dedicated colleagues who take pride in their work. It has been very easy to join the group!

Have you had a chance to explore the city yet?

Yeah! I have been exploring the city. I went to a couple of events (English stand-up comedy for example), also tried local food and travelled to neighbouring cities.

Do you like Łódź so far?

Yes, I do like the city. It is the second biggest city I have lived in (Singapore being the largest). Especially now, in the spring time, it is very vibrant and there are lots of activities here.

Can you tell us about your dreams and hobbies?

When I was a kid my dream was to be a professional football player and because of that, I practiced my signature a lot. I guess I should have trained some other skills a bit more. I still love football and sports in general. I like to be active and keep in shape. I also love travelling and getting to know different cultures. My dream is to have a family and a job where I can make a difference and that I can be passionate about.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

These kind of questions are always hard because a couple of years ago I probably wouldn’t see myself here in Poland, but luckily life takes you places if you give it a chance. I really enjoy my job as a team leader and I would definitely like to continue developing myself and being a bit better every day. In the future I would definitely like to help other leaders grow professionally.



Team Leader in Finnish Processing Team 6

Joonas is the team leader in our new Processing Team 6. His is ready to start a new journey and bring some fresh ideas and positive changes to Banking Operations in Nordea Poland. His dream was to be a professional football player but for now he has a chance to pursue a different career path in Nordea.

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Michał Bergqvist


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