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Kinga Ostrysz, CitiKinga Ostrysz

Head of HR

Careers in Poland: Is diversity important in your organisation?

Diversity is one of our key values and is visible within the company’s culture. We have a number of networks and events designed to support our employees’ hobbies and growth, e.g. Citi Women, Citi Parents networks, and clubs for runners, sailors or Women in Technology.

What kind of candidates is your company most interested in?

We are looking for people who have very good command of English and analytical skills. Global mindset is also what all Citi Service Center Poland employees have in common. Depending on the Department, specific knowledge is required, but we have very diverse positions, so you can easily find a job for you: 70 percent of CSC Poland employees service Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), 20 percent IT Services, 5 percent HR, 3 percent Customer Operation, 5 percent Document Management.

Are there many foreigners currently working for your company?

Currently 10 percent of our employees are foreigners. They speak 29 languages including: Bulgarian, Czech, Russian, French, Portuguese, Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish, German. In Citi Service Center Poland you can really feel the international atmosphere.

Joanna Grzeszkowska, Citi Service CenterJoanna Grzeszkowska

Campus Marketing and Graduate Recruitment Head, Citi in Poland and CE5s

Careers in Poland: What kind of candidate profile are you looking for?

Joanna Grzeszkowska: Citi Service Center Poland provides a wide range of services such as IT, cash management operations, Investor Services, audit, finance, credit, Global ID Administration, Anti-Money Laundering etc. It means that we are interested in different candidate profiles. However, some competencies, like analytical thinking, project management, team work, proactive approach, and obviously English proficiency are common for the majority of positions.

How may your employees grow and develop at Citi? 

As Internal Mobility is a priority for us, Citi hires young talent, develops and promotes them within the organization. All openings are available for Citi employees first, and if we do not find proper resources we go outside. As I have mentioned we are very diverse in terms of services we provide in Poland, that is why our employees may develop across different functions and thanks to Citi’s global presence across many geographies. There are plenty of examples of people working on international assignments or moving to different locations. 

Do you offer internship programs to students from outside of Poland?

Citi is a truly diverse organization. We do invite people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds to join Citi. CSC Poland employees use 27 languages. As English is our common language, we do not require knowledge of the Polish language. The candidates need to have valid visas and job permissions if they come from outside of the European Union.

How does Citi support employees’ learning and development needs?

We are well known on the market for our excellent training curriculum, on-boarding and Graduate Development Programs in IT and Operations. We provide relevant tools and solutions, like performance evaluation, training courses, coaching, and mentoring programs.

How do you introduce the idea of work-life balance in your company? 

There are many areas where Citi supports work-life balance philosophy. The first one is related with Flexible Working Strategies, where employee may work either remotely or in flexible hours (very popular especially in IT business). The second one is Live Well at Citi Program which promotes healthy lifestyle encouraging to sporting activities, regular medical check-ups, etc. The third field is Employee Volunteering Program at Citi, managed by Kronenberg Foundation – the chance to be a part of one of the largest structured programs of this type in Poland. 

Vacancies at Citi Service Center Poland

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