Population: 249,000

Photo: Rezpozytorium ISIT Departament Turystyki UMWP

Gdynia is a synonym of entrepreneurship, hard work and determination in the successful pursuit of one's goal. It takes these qualities to make a city well-functioning, comfortable and friendly; where an interesting job, a good school and accommodation are easier to find than anywhere else. Public passenger transport functions well here, all services are available and there is a variety of opportunities for attractive recreation, enhanced by the favorable natural conditions - the sea, the beach, the hills, and the forest. You can really feel an appetite for life in Gdynia!

What business people like most about Gdynia is the good, investor-friendly business environment, with modern technical infrastructure, energy resources, well-educated people, good accessibility, high levels of service, and last but not least, good leisure opportunities.

Interesting facts about the city

  1. NATURE: Natural beauty and exquisite location among wooded hills, close to the sea and beaches.
  2. BUSINESS: The largest economic centre in Northern Poland, which presents constant and stable increase in investments, resulting in employment growth.
  3. SPORTS: A perfect place for water sports, cycling and running, which wins in terms of residents' happiness among Polish cities.

Main transport data

Airport: Lech Walesa Airport Gdańsk (24 km from the city centre)

TOP 3 flight connections abroad:

  1. Copenhagen (1 h)
  2. Frankfurt (1 h)
  3. London (2 h 20 min)


Travel time to other cities

2 h
12 h
20 h
1 h
6 h 30 min
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