Terms of Use


§1. Basic Terms


Whenever in this Terms of Use following names are used they should be understood as such:


Electronic address – information and communication system allowing communication via means of electronic communication, especially e-mail.


CV database – dedicated section of the Site containing CV uploaded by the Users with conformance to the provisions specified in these Terms of Use and placed on the server of the Administrator of the Site or his cooperating subject.  


CV – biography of the User placed in CV database, containing User’s private data organized in specific categories.


Trading information – all the information directly or indirectly destined to promote products, services or the image of the entrepreneur, excluding the information  enabling communication via means of electronic communication with certain person as well as information about products and services, which is not necessary to accomplish mercantile goals desired by the business entity/subject, which orders the distribution of the information, especially without compensation or other gains from producers, retailers and contractors.


Login – named by the User e-mail address used by them while on the Site


Employer – natural and legal person or other organization unit without legal personality having access to contents of CVs placed in CV database.


Terms of Use - "Terms of Use of the Account on the Site" creating regulations as defined in  the enactment dated to 18 July 2002 about providing services via Internet (law gazette No 144, position 1204), encompassing especially:

a) Rights and obligations of the Service provider and Users connected with rendering services in electronic way,

b) Rules of disclaiming responsibility by the Service provider,  

c) Rules of protection of personal data of the Users making use of Services rendered via electronic means,

d) Rules of signing up, making available and using free of charge private Account.

e) Rules of uploading CV into the CV database on the Website.


Site- internet website directed by the Service provider, which current URL address is: and which belongs to the Service provider, placed in the Internet as, where Service provider renders Services as well as on the sites with addresses, which are redirections to this address as well as all the others being its complement or continuation as well as each address whenever substituting it.


IT system – group of cooperating information technology devices and software assuring processing and storage as well as sending and receiving data through telecommunication network via terminal device adequate for the certain type of network as indicated in the enactment about Telecommunications Law.


Means of electronic communication – technological solutions, including ICT devices and program tools in cooperation with them, allowing for individual over distance communication with use of the data transmission between ICT systems, especially electronic mail.


Rendering services in electronic way – providing services, which happens through sending and receiving data via ICT systems on the individual request of the User without simultaneous presence of the parties and the data being transferred via public networks as indicated in the enactment about Telecommunications Law.


Services – every service rendered electronically by the service provider to the Users in compliance with these Terms of Use.


Service provider - MBE group Sp. z o. o., ul. Kraszewskiego 10/3, 30-110  Kraków, District Court Central Cracow, XI Economy Department KRS 0000306694 Initial capital 50 000 PLN (payed a priori), NIP: 513-016-40-85, REGON: 120703473


User – natural person using the free of charge Service rendered in electronic way by the Service provider including the use of the individual Account.



§2 General Conditions


1. Terms of Use are published for the Users for free and on a request before the agreement about rendering services via ICT system.


2. Services are rendered by the service provider in electronic way.


3. Service provider is obliged to constantly provide services, however reserving the right to temporarily withhold the delivery due to the necessity of the system conservation or due to the fortuitous events.


4. Services rendered by the Site are free of charge.


5. Service provider shall not be held responsible for the disobedience of these Terms of Use by the Users. User is the only one to be held responsible for the way in which they use their free of charge account on the Site, including content and form of the published matter, especially in the sight of Civil and Criminal Law for their illegal actions. On a request of the state authorities, for use in the investigations conducted by them, Service provider hands over data of the Users of the free of charge accounts, which they possess. User is obliged to use the account in accordance with these Terms of Use, currently binding law as well as social and ethical norms. Service provider reserves the right to moderate, modify content published by the Users for example when the entry is vividly incorrect or encroaches reasonable interest of the service provider. Service provider reserves the right to close User’s account. Especially Service provider can close the account when: User proceeds distinctly disobeying the establishments of the binding law or these Terms of Use, the name of the account infringes the law, goods of third parties protected by law, is immoral or unethical, including names commonly viewed as offensive or intruding reasonable interest of the service provider.



§3. User registration. Rules of account usage


1. In order to register it is necessary to fulfill technical requirements, which are demanded by the ITC system used by the Site:

- Internet connection

- Access to web browser


2. In order to receive full provision of services, User is obliged to correctly fill in the registration form published on the Site. User of the account can be everyone of legal age as well as anyone who is underage but has received permission from their parents or legal guardian. Accounts on the Site of the service provider are free of charge and they are made accessible for an indefinite time period.


3. Sending the form equals with declaring that: data in the form is complete and in accordance with the present state, the User is eligible to enter into agreements about rendering services in an electronic way, data indicated by them do not infringe any rights of third parties, they are familiar with the Terms of Use and they oblige themselves to abide by, they know and accept the way of processing personal data described in those Terms of Use.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings User gains access to their free account automatically after accepting the Terms of Use. If any technical difficulties (for example system failure) that do not allow the User to familiarize with the Terms of Use occur while it is simultaneously possible for them to register, they oblige themselves to read the Terms of Use as soon as possible and inform Service provider about the failure via e-mail. If the user has not become familiar with the Terms of Use prior to sending the e-mail to the Service provider, Service provider will send those Terms of Use to the User promptly.


4. Sending of the filled in registration form equals with concluding the agreement about rendering services via electronic means. The User gains access to the account automatically after the registration.


5. Service provider will assure Users the possibility to close accounts created by them on the Site. On the request of the User sent onto the email address of the Site (contact(at) their deregistration can take place, meaning the dissolution of the agreement about rendering services via electronic means.


6. Service provider is not responsible for handing untrue information during the registration process by the Users. Information about creating an account is sent to the electronic address stated by the User in the registration process.


7. Notifications concerning the use of the account will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the User in the registration form. User is solely responsible for indicating up to date and correct e-mail address.


8. Service provider does not control or verify identification data of the User indicated in the registration form. Sending of the registration form by the User implies their agreement for the Service provider and/or data administrator working on their behalf to store, process and use personal data from it in order to render interactive services available at the Site, for statistical purposes, for the purposes of the business activity as well as direct marketing in compliance with enactments dated to 18 July 2002 about providing services via Internet (law gazette No 144, position 1204) and to 29 August 1997 about personal data protection (law gazette No 133, position 883). The agreement is voluntary. The agreement can be withdrawn at any time in any way, also right after the registration. When uploading CV User states that they were informed about their right to access and change its content.


9. Service provider will not transfer, hand over, sell or publish collected personal data or data of exploitation of the accounts’ Users to other Users. Service provider reserves the right to send technical Information connected with functioning of the Site and merchant information to electronic addresses of the Users.


10. When User creates their account they gains full access to interactive tools available on the Site, especially: publishing CV in the CV database, data modification, search of the job advertisements and answering to an offer by sending an application as well as creating CV, managing sent applications, including their removal, possibility to edit one’s data, using job alerts.


11. Service provider shall not be held responsible for the consequences resulting from disclosure of the password to the account by the User, no matter under what circumstances. Service provider shall not be held responsible for any losses and damages of the User. Service provider shall not be held responsible for any losses and damages including data loss if they were caused by a failure, stoppage in the functioning of the system due to technical difficulties or reasons independent from the Service provider.


12. Service provider will do his level best in order to protect personal data of the Users of the accounts. Specific details concerning User’s personal data protection can be found at the Site under title Privacy Policy. Service provider assures every User of an account access to data concerning them in order to verify or modify it. Service provider reserves the right to withhold offering the access to the free accounts on the Site without stating the reason, having previously informed the Users about this decision via e-mail. Service provider shall not be held responsible for the damages to the third parties due to the inappropriate way of using the Site by the Users, where inappropriate mean disobeying law or these Terms of Use. Service provider is not responsible for the contents sent by the Users of the Site.



§4 CV. Rules of uploading the CV


1. User has the right to place their CV in the CV database. Service provider might enable CV creation on the sites of the CV database, which means the User will have to fill in the forms published on the Site. In order to place the CV in a CV database User has to leastways fill in all the categories marked as obligatory and then confirm the content of the form by choosing the option ‘Save’ (‘Send’ or similar) placed in the form.


2. CV activation takes place immediately after the confirmation of the content of the filled in form by the User, familiarizing with the Terms of Use and accepting these Terms as well as possibly expressing their will to allow storage, processing and usage of the contents of the CV by the Service provider, external parties, cooperating partners and employers for the statistical purposes as well as in the recruitment processes, as stated in the enactment dated to 18 July 2002 about providing services via Internet (law gazette No 144, position 1204) including the regulations of handing the data to the Administrator of the Site, in compliance with the enactment about personal data protection from 29 August 1997 (law gazette No 133, position 883).


3. If Service provider enables such option, User will be able to describe their CV as ‘confidential’(or of any other restricted type). Such a CV will not be published in the database, however it will enable the User to automatically apply for chosen positions from ones on the Site. When described as confidential, CV will be placed in the database, however interested subjects will be unable to see the data individualizing certain User meaning: name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number and names of the current and/or past employers of the User. In order to gain access to these data employer can contact the User by sending them a message with use of an appropriate function available at the Employer’s account.


4. If User chooses created CV to be confidential, they cannot display the contents which they aim to protect. User is especially obliged not to place those contents outside the appropriate edition fields.


5. Service provider assures every User who placed their CV in the CV database the access to its contents in order to verify or modify the data, reactivate the CV, change the status or to remove CV from the CV database.


6. Users are obliged to update their CV in the CV database at least once every 365 days.  CV which was not updated for longer than for 365 days might be removed from the Site. Each time seven days before the deadline mentioned above, Service provider will send the User a remainder containing link to the Site on which the User can actualize their CV via e-mail.


7. When placing CV in the CV database without restricting its confidentiality User agrees for making its full content available to whomever it might concern from among those with access to the CV database. Access only takes place in compliance with the rules established by these Terms of Use, which are placed on the Site.


8. Service provider does not control or verify information placed in the CV published by the User in the CV database. User is solely responsible for the contents placed by them in their CV. Service provider will do his level best to assure protection of the contents of the CV published in the CV database. Service provider shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages including data loss, which were caused by the technical matters or were not the fault of the Service provider. Specific details concerning personal data protection were described in Privacy Policy, which can be accessed on the Site. Service provider shall not be held responsible for the inaccessibility of the CV database caused by circumstances impossible to avoid without incurring additional costs or caused by the force of circumstance. Service provider is enabled to hold access to the CV database for the time being due to technical difficulties. Service provider will do his level best breaks mentioned above not to be frequent and take place in times of the lowest activity level.



§5. Privacy policy


1. Service provider pays special attention to the respect of the privacy of the users. Data stored in the Service provider's databases is used solely to administer the Site, with compliance to these Terms of Use.


2. The common practice of the WWW sites is storage of HTTP questions to the Service provider. This means that public IP numbers, which were used to enter the Site, are known. Viewed contents are identified through URL addresses. Moreover known are:

- time of the question,

- time of the answer,

- name of the client’s station – identification realized by HTTP protocol,

- information that occurred during the realization of the HTTP transaction,

- URL address of the site previously viewed by the User (referrals) - in case of moving to the site with use of a link,

- information about the User’s browser.


2.1. These data are not associated with certain people viewing the Site-in compliance with these Terms of Use. To assure possibly highest quality of the service files with data about logins are analyzed in order to determine which sites are visited the most often, which browsers of the WWW sites are used and whether the structure of the Site does not contain any mistakes etc. 


3. Files containing login data are stored for an indefinite time period as an auxiliary material to administer the Site. Information from those files is kept secret from everyone apart from those eligible to administer the Site. Statistics helpful in the administration of the Site can be generated on the basis of the files with logins. Summaries such as statistics do not contain any data that could identify visitors of the Site.


4. Cookie files are used by the Site in order to:

- adapt contents and tools on the site to individual needs and preference of the User (for example profile and notifications with job offers);

- make statistics upon the behavior of the Users while on the Site, what allows actualization of the contents and optimization;

- maintain so called user sessions after logging in, so that one did not have to log in again after redirecting to a subsite;

- adapt the promotion campaigns realized on the Site, by for example showing an advertisement to a certain User only once.


5. Site contains links to other WWW sites. Service provider shall not be held responsible for the rules of privacy protection on these sites. Service provider suggests familiarizing with the Privacy Policies of those sites after redirecting to them.


6. The only exception from the rules above is the situation in which the User registers on the Site, has accepted the Terms of Use and has agreed for their personal data processing in accordance with Site’s Privacy Policy. Site will then store personal data of such Users, especially:  name, surname, electronic address, telephone number, home address, type of education, knowledge of foreign languages, job credentials, experience and expected remuneration. Some of those data are obligatory. Data can be made accessible to the employers who oblige themselves to act in accordance with the enactment about the personal data protection. Service provider shall not be held responsible for the employers who used the data without compliance with Terms of Use of the employers account or/and illegally.


7. Service provider grants Users the realization of the rights which are stated in the enactment about the protection of personal data.


8. Files with personal data of the Users have been reported to the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection.


9. In case of any change of the current Privacy Policy, accurate modifications of this Terms of Use will be made.


§ 6. Final provisions


1. Terms of Use enter into force on 3rd of November 2014.


2. Service provider reserves himself the right to issue changes in these Terms of Use. With validation of the statements in the subsequent sentences of this paragraph as well as when the user does not make a claim mentioned there - all the changes are valid from the day mentioned in changed Terms of Use. Nevertheless, this date cannot be prior to the date of publication of the Terms of Use on the Site.  Within 7 days from the publication of changed Terms and Conditions on the Site the User can make a statement in which they disagree with the change in the Terms of Use regarding them. Such a claim will be treated as a termination of the contract about rendering services, which is described in these Terms of Use binding User and Service provider, by the User. In case of making such statement, Service provider will discontinue provision of the services within 15 work days counted from the day of making the claim. To be effective, abovementioned statement has to be made via electronic mail and sent to e-mail address: contact(at)


3. Complaints based on the Terms of Use should be sent immediately to the e-mail address: contact(at) Complaints are usually handled by the Service provider within 14 (fourteen) days, counted from the day of their receiving, on the condition that they contain leastways following information:

- indication of the subject making the complaint (name, surname, address, e-mail address),

- reason/subject of the complaint,

- all of the circumstances justifying the complaint.


4. Complaints without abovementioned information will not be handled. Complaints not made via e-mail shall be sent in writing to the post address of the Service provider.


5. In cases unsettled by this Terms of Use rules of Civil Code and the enactment dated to 18 July 2002 about rendering services in an electronic way (law gazette No 144 position 1204), enactment about personal data protection and other impartially binding law regulations are in effect.