Population: 300,000

Photo: A. WIśniewski/Urząd Miasta Katowice

Dynamic, multicultural & open to changes – that is the new face of Katowice. As a powerful academic and economic centre in Poland, Katowice does not rest on its laurels. The availability of highly skilled human resources, well developed transport infrastructure and investment incentives, including Katowice Special Economic Zone, simply attract investors. Having great potential, Katowice still improves itself to strengthen its position on the map of business attractiveness in Europe. 

Interesting facts about the city

  1. CULTURE: Having a wide cultural offer, Katowice is a perfect city with a high quality of life to work and live in.
  2. EDUCATION: Well-developed educational & business infrastructure attracts numerous investors.
  3. BUSINESS: Katowice is dynamic, multicultural & open to changes, thus creating a perfect business destination.

Main transport data

Airport: Katowice (30 km from the city centre)

TOP 3 flight connections abroad:

  1. Frankfurt (1 h 25 min)
  2. London (1 h 30 min)
  3. Paris (2 h)


Travel time to other cities

2 h 40 min
5 h
8 h
50 min
3 h
3 h 20 min
1 h 45 min
2 h 35 min
3 h 40 min
4 h 30 min
8 h 05 min
4 h
3 h 50 min
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