Population: 696,503

Photo: P. Wojtyczka

Łódź, the former textile industry empire, today is a city of modern technologies, creative enterprises and grand events. Łódź enjoys trust of well-known international companies, such as HP, Fujitsu, Dell, Gillette, Infosys, Philips, UPS, Samsung.

Łódź is the third largest city in Poland, where calendar of cultural, trade and sport events bursts at the seams.

Łódź offers a number of entertainment and recreation venues. Spend your time in one of over 30 parks or have fun at "Fala" - a modern aquapark or in Atlas Arena - a multipurpose hall.

Łódź is spoken of… and you need to see it on your own! 

Interesting facts about the city

  1. Łódź is a city with the best location, right in the centre of Poland. Convenient transport connections to Warsaw - only 70-minute travel.
  2. Łódź is excellent for industrial, business services and logistics centres. 70 fast-growing companies within BPO/SSC/ITO/R&D. 
  3. Łódź is the last undiscovered city, with unique and beautiful architecture. A centre of art, culture, film and fashion. 

Main transport data

Airport: Łódź (6 km from the city centre), Warsaw (130 km from the city centre)

TOP 3 flight connections abroad:

  1. Dublin (3 h)
  2. London (2 h 20 min)
  3. Munich (1 h 20 min) 


Travel time to other cities

3 h 20 min
5 h 50 min
3 h 10 min
5 h 10 min
1 h 20 min
9 h