Population: 187,500

Photo: T. Poźniak

Interesting facts about the city

  1. PROXIMITY: Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport (direct flights to London, Munich, Manchester, Dublin, Warsaw, CARGO, phytosanitary checkpoint), A4 motorway, S-19 express road. 
  2. QUALITY OF LIFE: Smart City 2016 title, effective healthcare, modern transportation system, the safest, greenest and cleanest city in Poland. 
  3. BEST FOR BUSINESS: National centre for aerospace industry, well-developed IT and R&D sectors, mmain seat of innovative clusters, 41 per cent of population with higher degree. 

Main transport data

Airport: Rzeszów Jasionka (14 km from the city centre)

TOP3 flight connections: 

1. London (1 h 40 min)

2. Berlin (1 h 20 min)

3. Munich (1 h 35 min)



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