Population: 1,734,000

The capital and the biggest city of Poland and the 9th most populous one in the EU with over 2 million inhabitants (the number contains people who are not permanent residents of Warsaw) Sometimes called “the phoenix city” as it was destroyed during numerous wars and carefully rebuilt each time

The cultural capital of Poland – apart from daily theatre and cinema shows, the city hosts great music and art festivals and concerts, many of which are free of charge

Interesting facts about the city

  1. Educational offer: 76 universities and 240,000 students, over 16,500 foreign students, 150 scientific institutions, 72 R&D centres (Samsung, Roche, AstraZeneca)
  2. European business hub: top global Shared Service Centres, numerous flight connections, unemployment at 2.6 per cent, good quality of life, smart city 
  3. Support for entrepreneurs: Google Campus, Startberry, The Heart Warsaw, AIP net, Smolna and Targowa centers, modern workplace

Main transport data

Airport: Chopin Airport (8 km from the city centre), Modlin Airport (35 km from the city centre)

TOP 3 flight connections abroad:

  1. Frankfurt (1 h 50 min)
  2. London (2 h 40 min)
  3. Moscow (2 h)


Travel time to other cities

50 min
4 h 30 min
3 h
55 min
3 h
3 h
55 min
4 h
5 h