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Barry Callebaut in Poland is part of an international group with all its Polish entities located in Lodz. We are the world leader in the production of high-quality cocoa and chocolate. Close to 10 000 employees are working for the Barry Callebaut Group in more than 53 modern facilities around the world while selling its products in more than 100 different countries. 

The Barry Callebaut Factory was established in 1995. The Polish branch is one of the fastest growing in the entire group of Barry Callebaut, both in terms of employment and investment realized. The factory is not only production, but a whole supply chain, QA, customer care and many other functions. Cocoa Barry built the first line. In 2017, 6 liquid lines and 2 solid lines are open. 200 ton of liquids and 50 ton of solid chocolate is produced every year. We are producing every day of the week. In Poland a lot of big customers are located. We are proud to build year after year more capacity and at the same time, we improve our safety and chocolate quality. We are a growing company!

We also have the Commercial Office - as an interesting fact it may be said that sales has doubled during the past few years. The team is very dynamic and ambitious - together we implement partnerships with partners in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Next to that, the modern Shared Service Center, is an integral part of the main business and supports our Barry Callebaut Group. Through dynamic and effective development, the Shared Service Center combines transactional activities in countries across Europe and the world. Different actions are taken in areas such as: Finance, IM / IT, Master Data, Customer Service and Logistics.

Even after decades, we continue the best traditions of Barry Callebaut: our activities are conducted in accordance with the principles of ethics, respect for each employee and the customer.

Our growth and success is based on four pillars: Expansion, Innovation, Cost Management and Sustainable Cocoa Production. Our ambitious goal is to remain the leader in the global chocolate market.

Meanwhile we want to deliver great performance in the right way: doing well by doing good, and doing good by doing well (Antoine de Saint-Afrique, CEO). We have committed to bold targets that we expect to achieve by 2025 and that address the biggest sustainability challenges in the chocolate supply chain such as:



Sustainable Standard Setter award, New York


UTZ certification

May 2017

Unilever’s Partner to Win Award for Responsible and Sustainable Living



  • Maintenance: Electrician
  • Customer care: Specialist
  • Production: Operators
  • Quality: Lab technicians & QA specialist
  • R&D: Assistant
  • Supply Chain: Warehouse, logistics & planning
  • Sales: Account sales manager
  • Finance: APA accountancy & GL accountancy
  • IT: Technicians
  • Master data: Administrator


Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut SSC Europe

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