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Vice President, Securities Services Operations

In Poland since 2011

Favourite Polish food: żurek
Favourite place in Poland: Kraków
Favourite Polish word: piwo

Careers in Poland: What has your career path looked like so far?

I have developed considerably, both personally and professionally, in my time in Poland. I started 5 years ago in Middle Office, working my way through various functions and now I have moved into management within Custody operations.

What tasks does your job involve?

My core role involves developing my team, driving process efficiencies, delivering cost effective operations, risk mitigation and the general operations… it’s never boring! On a daily basis, I manage a team across 8 distinct functions. We service Citi Clients Securities and Cash transactions in over 50 markets across European and US working hours. Alongside our sister Team in Kuala Lumpur we cover operations within Custody 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. It’s a fast paced environment with new and complex challenges each day, yet is extremely rewarding.

What advice would you give to your friends who are considering working in Poland?

Learn the basics of the language. Even if it’s only the pleasantries, the effort is appreciated. The first phrases I learnt were dzień dobry and jedno piwo. Most of the people I have met speak at least one language or more, so not speaking Polish should not prevent you moving. In addition, Polish people I have met are extremely happy to teach you.

Jack Orr, Citi



Compliance Officer

In Poland since 2012

Favourite Polish food: gołąbki
Favourite place in Poland: Żoliborz in Warsaw, Masuria, the Tatras
Favourite Polish word: drożdżówka

Careers in Poland: What made you move to Poland?

I moved to Poland mainly for personal reasons – I met my wife when we studied together on an Erasmus student exchange and then decided to settle in Poland, first in Wrocław and then in Warszawa. I’ve been living in Poland now for 4 years and definitely don’t regret the decision to move here.

What helped you most in the process of adjusting to work in a new place?

I think learning to speak the language was a big factor – even in Warszawa it really helps if you can speak some Polish, it makes your life much easier! It was also very important for me to have a group of Polish friends and not just socialise with expats or other foreigners. Embracing Polish traditions and understanding Polish history and culture was also essential.

What kind of employer is Citi?

Citi Service Center Poland is an employer which definitely gives you the tools and opportunities to develop and learn in your career. You can always get involved in different activities and projects to improve your knowledge, learn new skills and expand your network in the company. Since I joined, I have had 3 different roles in Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance, as well as managers who have always supported my development.



IT Business Analyst

Must-eat in Poland: barszcz with ravioli  
Top place to see: Masuria 
Favourite Polish word: kocham cię

Careers in Poland: Do you enjoy your professional duties? If so, what do you like about them?

I actually think I like my job, it's challenging, sometimes technical and at the same time social. I am an IT Business Analyst working in CTI EMEA Business Office Team that provides reporting, analytics and support to core EMEA CTI functions, in addition to this I also have responsibilities within the CTI Commercial Toolset Development Team. I don’t think I’d enjoy my job as much if I didn’t get to dig into interesting problems that others don’t really know about and have any access to.  It is also important for me that in my current position I can develop different kinds of skills and both my manager and team support me in this development. Apart from my regular BAU tasks, I am involved in a number of additional initiatives taking place in Poland and thanks to this extra effort I have helped to create a pleasant and motivated work atmosphere and further develop my organizational skills.   

Do you work in a multicultural environment?

Citi is a multicultural environment - no doubt about that. I feel it every day when I come to work and meet people speaking different languages in the lift and when I start cooperating with my team. Within the team we are really multicultural – my manager is from the UK, two colleagues are from Hungary, one is from the USA, with another colleague and myself from Poland. To be honest, when I joined Citi in 2014, I was terrified of this diversity and did not know if I would find myself in this multicultural environment as I had never had an opportunity to work with people from other countries. Thanks to my work effort and support from my managers and teams I was able to adapt to this environment and now with a clear conscience I can admit that I like it and perceive a lot of advantages of having colleagues from different countries and regions.

Does your employer offer training and development opportunities?

My employer offers us a lot of mandatory internal trainings, but also gives us the opportunity to learn on platforms such as Udemy or Pluralsight (there is wide range of courses from different knowledge streams). In our Technology department we also have the Careers@CTI platform (developed by my team - I am very proud of that), that allows us to plan our career path and sign up to a newsletter providing us recommendations on learning opportunities such as training, knowledge articles, videos and podcasts based on previously selected competencies. Apart from the multiple internal possibilities, we can also apply for external trainings funded by the company.

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Compliance Assurance Officer

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