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 German Augusto Hincapie Hidalgo

Service Desk Supervisor 

Must-eat in Poland: pierogi
Favourite Polish word: proszę
Top place to see: Wrocław

Why did you relocate to Poland?

The main reason was because my girlfriend at the time (now wife) is from Poland and she was living here. In addition to this I was lucky enough to find a job as a Spanish teacher very fast.

Share with us what your favourite place in Poland is. 

Wrocław. This city offers a very peculiar architecture due to the German influence, but the best thing about it are the bronze gnomes scattered throughout the whole city – they are doing their daily duties and it is always fun to find them.

How would you describe the work environment within your team? 

Fortunately, we manage to create a family-like environment around our team. We share not only our working hours, but also our free time. Nights-out, wedding days, barbecues and dinner dates are only some of the moments we share outside the office. 

Is Polish necessary in your job? How about after hours? 

In our company we use Polish and English as official languages, therefore Polish is not necessary. However after hours one can only do so much with only English. Personally, I found myself blocked when I started to issue official documents such as bank loans, driving license, residence card etc. But after a couple of months of studying the language, I now manage to handle these situations without bothering my wife.


Maryna Pashuk 

Accounting Specialist

Must-eat in Poland: pierogi, bigos, żurek
Favourite Polish phrase: myśleć o niebieskich migdałach
Top place to see: UW Library garden

What kind of employer is Diebold Nixdorf? 

From the first day in Diebold Nixdorf I joined the supporting and open-door team. In my point of view from day to day Diebold Nixdorf as an employer who builds a better environment for its employees. That’s why it is a great pleasure for me to work in a company that is constantly growing in the right direction. 

What is it like working within your team? 

To begin with, I want to note that I am working in a team which consists of nine people, including me. All of the team members are very openminded, highly-qualified and creative individuals. In my small group, each of us is treated as an important member of the team. One must admit that thanks to cooperation in our group I feel that the work we are doing brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Is Poland a good stop on your way to have a truly international career? 

I can say that Poland is a great work destination. I am very keen on supporting and bringing new ideas to my current workplace. By gaining qualifications, experience and practical skills I hope to achieve my goals here. Having made my first career steps in Poland, I believe that I can be a good example for those who are just planning to start building their career path in this European country.


Lennard Molenkamp

Business Analyst

Must-eat in Poland: pierogi, bigos, żurek
Favourite Polish phrase: myśleć o niebieskich migdałach
Top place to see: UW Library garden

What do you like best about Poland? What is its biggest drawback?

The diversity of the country is amazing. Poland has everything: sea, mountains, forest and even dunes. Every country has its ups and downs, it is a part of the deal. I wouldn’t call it a drawback, it is more of a pity: I would like to see more tolerance among people.

Was it easy to make new friends in Poland? How long did it take? 

My first new friend was made after a couple of weeks. I still do have contact with him. I like to communicate, but sometimes the language barrier is the problem. Outside the office, it is still hard to find friends. Also the older you get, the harder it is. 

What kind of employer is Diebold Nixdorf? 

In general, this employer is open and friendly. 

How would you describe the work environment within your team? 

The team is great, full of nice and dedicated people who are willing to help you. It is an open and, from my perspective, honest environment. 

Could you describe your career path so far? 

I do not do any career planning. I do my work as good as possible and I take it as it comes. I am not driven by money or status. I want to be helpful and valued. The more expectations you have, the more disappointments you will receive. In my case here in Poland, I started as a QA support and currently I am working as a BA. This all happened because I was valued as an employee.


Diebold Nixdorf

al. Jerozolimskie 142B

02-305 Warszawa

Global Delivery Center EMEA

al. Jerozolimskie 142B

02-305 Warszawa

Global Delivery Center EMEA

ul. Malczewskiego 26

71-612 Szczecin

EMEA Busines Services

Aleje Jerozolimskie 181B

02-222 Warszawa

Global Delivery – Katowice

ul. Gawronów 4

40-527 Katowice



Customer Service, IT

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