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Groupon provides a global marketplace where people can buy just about anything, anywhere, anytime. We’re enabling real-time commerce across an expanding range of categories including local businesses, travel destinations, consumer products, and live or lively events. At the same time, we are providing advertising options and tools that merchants can use to grow and manage their businesses. Culturally, we believe that great people make great companies and that starting with the customer and working backward moves us forward. Community matters to us on an internal, local and global scale—it’s fundamental to our company’s growth and to the well-being of the world at large.

Who are we?

In less than six years of operating in Poland, Groupon grew from a company that hired less than ten people and fit in a small room into a leader of local trade, and is currently a place where about 1200 people has the opportunity to develop their skills and competences in a friendly atmosphere. We believe that great companies are made by great people.

We have our Sales offices in all the biggest cities in Poland, but foreign language speakers will find their jobs in our two subsidiaries of Groupon Shared Service Centre located in:

  • Warsaw;
  • Katowice (launched very recently in 2017).

Shared Service Centre teams are:

  • Customer Service;
  • Editorial;
  • Analytics;
  • Finance;
  • ...and more – we are constantly growing our Teams!

At Groupon we live by these simple values:

Groupon Starts with the Customer

Groupon Believes Great People Make Great Companies

Groupon is Intolerant of Mediocrity

Groupon Builds for the Long Term

Groupon Makes Life Less Boring




Groupon Shared Services Poland

Al. Jerozolimskie 123a

02-017 Warszawa

Groupon Shared Services Poland


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