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Working at H&M Customer Service is much more than just solving customers’ errands. Our aim is to build lasting and friendly relationships with every one of our customers, which are based on trust and excellent service.

Are you a person who likes to plan everything ahead or you like to do things spontaneously?

In everyday private life, I am definitely a person who likes to plan, not spontaneous at all, let’s be honest :). I have some inner need to organize my time. But I’m not going too far with this planning, because life surprised me many times and I’m open for various scenarios future brings :)

However, at work, due to rapidly changing and dynamic environment, very many times we don’t have time to plan, we just need to react on the spot. A good plan and strategy is a must when you handle the business, but in many moments decisions have to be taken immediately on the spot. I’m very used to it and I like it :). So I would say I keep some balance :).

 Marta, Center Operation Manager

What makes you proud of? What is you achievement personal life and in work?

My graduation, my family and my talented daughter. She is a dancer and takes part in many Champions hips– National, European and World. She was only six when she won 3-rd place in World Champions hips in Jazz Dance. In 2017 she was Polish champion. At work I’m very proud of the reward Employee of the Month for December and 2-nd place Employee of the Quatre. I’m happy that now I’m supporting Bulgarian Team and I am backup for my Team Leader Desislava. It is great that I have possibility to improve myself, to learn new things every day.

Vesela, Team Leader form Bulgarian team

What should every man try at least once in his life?

The thing that everybody should try at least ones in their life is to gather some friends and go on a spontaneous road trip, just rent a car fill the gas tank and leave in random direction, if you have your closest friends with you the fun is guaranteed :). 

Stefan, BCOS agent

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