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Simon Russell

Head of Finance Kraków

In Poland 2011-2018

Favourite Polish food: sernik
Favourite place in Poland: Bolesławiec
Favourite Polish word: szczęście


Could you describe International Paper’s core values?

Simon Russell: One of the company’s core values is Investing In People. We make sustainable investments to protect and improve the lives of our employees and mobilize our people, products and resources to address critical needs in communities where our employees live and work. We treat others with respect and dignity and believe in diversity of thought, culture and background. The IP culture of people first and inclusion is paramount producing engaged staff who are keen to make a difference. We face the challenges as a team and the solutions come from the broad experience of its individual members. It is a privilege to work with such a talented, open minded and ambitious team in an environment that not only welcomes people from all nationalities and backgrounds but also offers them the opportunity to be the best.

Do you value diversity in your company?

We believe in International Paper that diversity is a major contributor to success. The IP GBSC environment offers numerous opportunities to develop your career and particularly to grow as a leader. The quality of our service and rate of growth is due to the strength of our multinational teams. The Finance Department is one of the most diverse teams in the company with 14 different nationalities serving as many countries in EMEA as well as partnering with our other service centres in the US and in South America.


Anna Vons


Must-eat in Poland: żurek & pierogi
Top place to see: Morskie Oko
Favourite Polish phrase: piąteczek


Would you recommend Poland to your friends living abroad?

Yes, I most certainly would. It’s a highly valuable and positively challenging experience that shapes you both professionally and personally. Poland is a picturesque country with a rich history, profound culture and huge economic potential. Its fast-developing environment offers a lot of exciting new horizons and expanding opportunities, namely the possibility of learning new languages, witnessing different cultures and lifestyles, meeting interesting people, discovering beautiful places, building a career path in a global corporate environment, etc.

What advice would you give to your friends who are considering relocating to Poland?

Keep calm and give yourself and Poland a chance! Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back.

What tasks does your job involve?

My job responsibilities as an Accountant include: conducting accurately and timely all month-end close activities, processing and reviewing journal entries to ensure all transactions are properly posted, supporting our business locations, preparing and sending weekly/monthly reports, etc.

Could you describe your career path so far?

In the final year of my Master degree I applied for the  Finance Explorer Program in International Paper during which I had the opportunity to work in multiple departments within finance. This allowed me to gain insight into the career options available to me, and to apply my theoretical knowledge in a work environment. After finishing my internship, I applied for a job in Accountancy and I’ve been working here ever since.


Tajadin Muhammad

Export Senior Account Executive

Must-eat in Poland: Mr. Pancake
Top place to see: Wawel Castle
Favorite Polish word: dzięki

Is there anything in Poland that reminds you of your homeland?

The Sheraton Hotel restaurant reminds me of a sports bar in America. (I can watch the NFL American Football Games!!!!!) If you are homesick, there are many places in Kraków that can cure that feeling. People come from everywhere to start a new life in Poland.

How would you describe the work environment within your team?

My team in Customer Service as well as other teams are amazing. The work environment is diverse and everyone here is willing to help. This is the perfect environment for foreigners because it’s a family oriented workplace.

What helped you most in the process of adjusting to work in a new place like Poland?

Having colleagues that are from the United States or worked in the US. The diversity here is amazing, people are from all over the world.

What was your first impression of Poland right after arriving here?

Kraków was so organized and clean. The tram/bus system was so easy to use. I knew the moment I arrived I can be here forever.  

Benjamin Mercier


Benjamin Mercier

Senior Credit Analyst

In Poland since 2014

Favourite Polish food: kiełbasa and ogórki
Favourite place in Poland: lake Solina
Favourite Polish word: smacznego


Can you describe your workplace as a multicultural environment? How do you like it?

Benjamin Mercier: Yes, I do. Being born in a cosmopolitan city such as Brussels, I could not imagine living without this multicultural aspect. This is in my genes, but luckily, at International Paper, I can work with my colleagues from all over the world on a daily basis.

Do you think it is hard for foreigners to make friends in Poland? What has been your experience so far?

I do not believe I have any Polish friends – the only exception would be my girlfriend. The only persons I can consider as being friends with are foreigners just as I am. So I would say this process of making friends in Poland may definitely take some time.

What benefits do you have as an International Paper employee?

I would say flexibility and responsibility. Also, my current management encourages the team members to come up with their ideas and implement them if it can improve the processes. Another benefit would be the mobility between the different departments. It enables the employees to continue to develop themselves and to acquire new experience.


Ilknur Sinem Soler, International Paper


Ilknur Sinem Soler

Finance Explorer

In Poland since 2014

Careers in Poland: What made you move to Poland? Why Poland?

Ilknur: I came to Poland for the first time in 2012 as an exchange student. My 7-month stay in Krakow was one of the greatest experiences in my life, I had an opportunity to learn Polish culture, traditions, and visited gorgeous cities surrounded by nature, which made me fall in love with Poland. When I went back to my country, for 2 years I only dreamed about the time to live in Poland again, so here I am!

Do you work in a multicultural environment? How do you like it?

IP is an international company, and Global Business Services Center in Kraków office has a truly multicultural environment. Every time when I arrive to the office, I am surprised by the number of languages I hear at the same time! I feel working with the world in real terms!

Do you feel supported by your current employer on your career path?

IP has special processes and tools for the career path of employees. It is not only a support but also a guide for developing and providing a projection on your way. In my career path, I feel more comfortable and confident about my future with IP.

Samuele Orizio, International Paper


Samuele Orizio

Credit Coordinator

In Poland since 2012

Careers in Poland: How long did it take you to adjust to life in Poland?

Samuele: It was probably the biggest challenge at the beginning of my experience in Poland. In Italy, my lifestyle was quite different and it took me more or less half a year to adapt, make new friends, get familiar with places and start loving it.

What has been your career path until now?

I was working with just one employer in Poland before International Paper for 1 year; I’ve been with IP for almost 3 years and I’ve had great opportunities to grow, not only in terms of positions and responsibilities, but as well with maturity and concrete experiences, having lot of trust and challenges that not surely I could have had in my country.

If you had to leave Poland now, what would you miss the most about it?

Leaving Poland would be like leaving my country again, I would miss the atmosphere of being in a big city but not chaotic, full of art, modernity and young life; yet mostly, I would miss my team members.


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