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Monika Kuźnicka

Team Coordinator

In Nordea I do what I like. I realize my goals and everyday challenges help me with personal development. I love working with people and in Nordea I work with people who I value, and I am aware that I can rely on them. What's more, I have a sense of mission. I know that I do something important for the world that is why my work gives me a sense of fulfilment and responsibility. I managed to combine my passion with profession therefore my work is not something boring and tedious - it enables me to pursue my own interests.



Adrian Słowik

Process Specialist

Nordea as a place. It is the place where people are always friendly, helpful and cheerful. This is the place where newcomers will not be left alone but they will receive their personal mentor who will help them with acclimation inside organisation. Good atmosphere and personal mentor are not the only thing that we can offer, there is plenty possibilities to grow. What is more important you can switch departments during your career, but you need to remember one thing, everything starts with you and your engagement. In my opinion this is a great place to gain professional experience.



Ewelina Sypek

Junior Process Officer in Norwegian Department

Nordea in not just a financial institution. This is the company that offers transparent development possibilities and creative environment based on people with different background. As an artist I appreciate independency in expressing myself and opportunity to implement the vision of my personal growth.



Bartosz Sosiński

Team Leader

Since I have joined Nordea in 2012, the organization in Poland has grown and changed enormously. One thing has not changed for sure – Scandinavian culture and stable position of the group creates very positive working environment. Thanks to clear career paths and wide possibilities one can easily manages its own development like it was in my case – from Junior Specialist position to Leader of own team. The working culture in Nordea makes me feel that I am in the right place. In simply words I feel good when I start my working day.



Malwina Makarczak

Junior Process Officer

I’ve been working in Nordea for almost one year and it’s been great. I’m working in Swedish department which is good because I can keep on practising with my Swedish language skills. More over Nordea gives possibilities to grow as a person and as a worker. It’s never boring here, together with a great team we work with a lot of interesting processes. I would definitely recommend Nordea!



Dariusz Więckowski

Service Account Officer

I’ve started my job in Nordea almost 3 years ago. Since this time, I’ve been working in 3 different teams. I was handling Finnish Bank to Bank Payments then moved to deal with more responsible tasks in Finnish Investigation Team. Currently I’m Service Account Officer in SUB CUSTODY DK Team. As you can see the best thing here is that you can work with whatever you want



Rebecka Nilsson

Team Coordinator

Being a part of Nordea and its constant transformation connected with customer centricity, efficiency and happy people makes me feel proud! I am always arriving to and leaving work with a smile on my lips thanks to dedicated colleagues, interesting and developing work cases that not only are serving our customers but also contributes to personal development. I am really thankful for having the chance to explore and live in wonderful Łódź – in my opinion – a city of interesting contrasts with a great supply of attractions, history, interesting people and investments!



Lizaveta Ryzhova

Management Support Officer

I’ve started to work in Nordea in September 2018 and could say for sure that this change was the best during the last year. Nordea has an incredible atmosphere. Starting from the first day I’ve realized that people here are nice, friendly and eager to help! In addition to atmosphere, there are a lot of possibilities to develop yourself. Each person is able to participate in different projects and initiatives, where people here you and want to be a real Team!


Aleksandra Śliwińska

Head of Consultant Procurement

My journey in Nordea started many years ago as assistant, continued to HR and then to the Call Centre. Today, I’m responsible for sourcing activities related to bringing external consultants to support different Nordea projects and processes. It’s easy to see that Nordea makes it possible to develop your career. Since I’ve joined Nordea, I've been challenged, trusted and encouraged to keep my mind opened. Nordea gives me that opportunity to keep the balance between my work, private life and passions, what I value really a lot.


Ejike Nwagwuocha

Service Desk Specialist

Nordea is the shining star. Since joining the company 3 months ago, it has been a life changing decision. I love Nordea for everything it stands for - team work, young dynamic work force, fantastic atmosphere, vibrant work environment, transparent development, openness in managerial structure, opportunity for all employees. Everyone is Team player.


Marcin Sochacki

SQL Server Team Leader 

Twelve years ago, I was returning to Poland after spending a couple of years working in Ireland. One of my CV’s went to Nordea Bank in Gdynia and I got hired. At the time I couldn’t imagine that I will spend such a long period with one company. My career went through many steps of course – starting as an IT system administrator, working in shift pattern, then moving on to leader position of small team in Poland and finally being part of the true international community at Nordea – having a global team with employees from three countries. The loyalty pays off – I feel like at home here, knowing so many people and processes, and navigating them with ease.


Alesia Muravitskaya

Transition Planning & Support

My IT-related experience was 3 years, when I’ve joined Nordea at the beginning of 2018, thus I was thrilled to get more experience and bring all my knowledge to the IT of the well-known Nordic Bank. After onboarding, I’ve realized how many opportunities opened up, as the Nordea develops in line with all the current IT trends: FinTech, digitalization, cloud solution integrations and many more others. Thanks to all this happening around me, I managed to work in a great team, managing the transition process and now having such experience moving further in the security area. I would recommend Nordea as a place with a lot of opportunities for growth and value creation.

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