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Jeffrey Middeldorp

Team Lead Scheduling support BeNeLux 

Must-eat in Poland: bigos
Favourite Polish word: konstantynopolitanczykiewiczówna
Top place to see: Tatra mountains & Kraków

Were you supported by your employer and colleagues in the first days of your new job?

Absolutely! I love the Order to Delivery department within Shell as it’s a small family, everybody is extremely friendly to each other and if you need help, there's always someone there for you. Coming to work since the first day is a pleasure and I take great pride in being part of the team. There is a good balance between hard work and fun.

Does your employer offer training and development opportunities?

Shell puts a great deal of energy into employee growth. After starting as a scheduling support operative in Shell in August 2014, I have had the opportunity to grow to a Team Lead position within 3 years. This would have never happened if Shell did not have fantastic leaders and programs in place to invest in people development!

Is there anything in Poland that reminds you of your homeland?

No, Poland and Holland are SO different; to name one example, Vaalserberg (highest hill) in Holland is 322 meters, whilst Rysy is 2,499 meters. The vast difference is why I still feel that I am on holiday every day and get so much energy. I love both countries and in either one I feel right at home!

What gives you satisfaction at work?

Full stations, happy customers and satisfied employees! There's absolutely nothing better than ensuring you deliver the best results in the safest way possible.


Bastian Meinke

Continuous Improvement & Customer Experience Lead

Must-eat in Poland: pierogi with meat
Favourite Polish word: spoko
Top place to see: Solina in Bieszczady

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy working with people. My job gives me the chance to coach staff and leaders every day and it is great to see them succeed. I also need to have deep insights into what our customers think, feel and want. It’s great that I can reflect on my company’s work from an external and internal perspective and stay close to our customers. I have my most rewarding moments at work when people are recognized for delivering excellent customer experience and I know I am a part of it.

What kind of employer is Shell Business Operations in Kraków?

To me, Shell is the employer that cares about people. The culture to create a healthy, safe and secure workplace is outstanding to me. The investment in people to grow and develop is part of the working culture from day one. The organization understands me and my family’s need for flexibility and I believe we have the best employee value proposition offer in Kraków.

Is there anything particular about Polish culture?

People in Poland surprised me with their openness. It’s easy to find social contacts and participate in social life. At work people have a very warm and personal relationship and it helps to find friends very quickly and easily. It’s not all about work but whom you work with that seems to matter here. If you ask me what are my most intense cultural experiences in Poland, then it was some Polish weddings I was honoured to be invited to. So, if you happen to be invited, don’t miss it!


Jochem Robbe Groskamp

Team Manager

Must-eat in Poland: żurek in bread
Top place to see: The National Parks in Lesser Poland
Favourite Polish word: malina

What advice would you give to your friends who are considering relocating to Poland?

In short, just do it! Living and working abroad gives you a new on perspective on the world. As example, Krakow felt from the first day as home for me because of the international atmosphere and plenty of activities to do. Even though you will return later back to your home country the experience you get from this is beneficial for the rest of your life.

What tasks does your job involve?

I just started my new journey as a team manager and previously I was a Credit Analyst. My team plays an important role to make sure our customers' pay on time. Moreover, we are a business partner for sales and we give advice how they can run better their business.

If you had to leave Poland now, what would you miss most?

The city life with all great people living here. There is always (24/7) something happening here (in the positive sense of the word) and no moment to get bored.

Rumbidzo Shumba, Shell Business Operations


Rumbidzo Shumba

MIT Controls Design Lead

In Poland since 2003

Careers in Poland: What does your job consist of? 

Rumbidzo: My job involves assessing effectiveness of our financial controls – both design and operational effectiveness. I act as an advisor for the tax department for control issues and lead our Control Self-Assessment programme. Also, I organize internal events to raise control awareness.

How would you describe the work environment in your team?

It is very friendly and supportive. As a team, we value team work, timely delivery of quality work and maintaining an open atmosphere. We also have lots of fun together during away days, picnics, etc.

How do you like Poland, what do you like the most?

At the top of the list are my family and the friends I’ve made over the years. Additionally – great people, tourist sights… The language is not so easy. But if I could learn it, you can too!

Tonio Moi, Shell Business Operations


Tonio Moi 

Hub Manager for Order to Delivery

In Poland since 2011

Careers in Poland: What does your job consist of?

Tonio: I have recently got promoted to Hub Manager for Order to Delivery in Krakow after a few years on the post of Customer Service Italy Ops Manager, where my team consisted of 70 people. In my new assignment, I will manage the overall Order to Delivery activities of our employees in Krakow for 14 countries.  

Do you feel supported by your current employer on your career path? 

I certainly do. My recent promotion to a new role is a clear evidence of it. It’s actually one of Shell management main focus areas and goals to support employees to develop within the company, encourage talented people to progress further and contribute to the company’s success.

Would you recommend Poland to your friends living abroad?

Yes. I started doing it when I first joined Shell and haven’t stopped since then…

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