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At Transition Technologies, we have been creating original IT systems, stateof-the-art technological solutions and IT services for more than twenty years. Our products are dedicated only to the selected market sectors: the power and gas sectors, the manufacturing industry and the life sciences sector.

Our systems are based on complicated, technologically-advanced works encompassing key aspects of business operations, such as trade in power and gas, production optimization and new product development.   

For the largest global corporations - leaders in such sectors as industrial automation, PLM software, power transmission systems, as well as health care and pharmaceuticals - we built specialized outsourcing centers, where development and engineering works are conducted within the framework of long-term service contracts. Thanks to this we always have a stable portfolio of contracts in the long and foreseeable time frame, as well as numerous teams of specialists, irrelevant of the current economic climate. We have been using technologies developed by the best IT companies, such as Oracle, IBM, HP and Microsoft for years, striving to achieve the highest partnership levels and in-depth knowledge of selected products.

Why Transition Technologies?

  • we have created state-of-the-art outsourcing centers in Poland, which produce software for international companies
  • we have successfully completed hundreds of implementations worldwide, which is proven by references we receive from our customers
  • we have more than 20 years of experience on the Polish and foreign markets
  • we are experts in creating the most advanced systems dedicated to the power and gas sectors as well as for the industry
  • each year we record a constant increase of revenues what is a proof that our market position is stable


Transition Technologies

ul. Pawia 55

01-030 Warszawa



Engineering, IT, Sales

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