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UBS in Poland was established in 2008 and plays an important role in achieving UBS goal of being the world’s leading financial services company. UBS provides majority of supporting functions which are crucial to the functioning of the client-facing business divisions, i.e. Finance, HR, IT, Operations.

Our UBS office in Krakow is an integral part of the company.  Everyday we cooperate and work in partnership with UBS colleagues located in all major financial centers worldwide. 

When you join the company, you will spend your first days in an induction program, learning about the firm and the way we operate. At UBS we believe that subject matter experts make the best teachers for new UBS employees, which is why during induction senior managers from each department present their functions, making themselves available to answer questions. After the induction ends, the integration process continues: you will have the opportunity to take part in activities organized by our social events committee and to join our sports club or community affairs program.

We challenge ourselves. We are UBS.

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ul. Krakowska 280

32-080 Zabierzów near Kraków


ul. Czerwone Maki 84

30-392 Kraków


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