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An unexpected visit from some authorities to check a foreigner’s legality of stay in Poland is nothing to be afraid of. It is a standard procedure taking place in some circumstances and concerns the majority of aliens who want to reside in Poland.

Although a bit discouraging and very often unexpected, a visit from some authorities is nothing unusual in the course of applying for a residence permit in Poland. It may concern your actual right to stay in Poland or your right to work, sometimes both. When it happens, a foreigner is obliged to present their documents entitling them to stay in Poland, work or conduct business activities, as well as their financial means their residency status requires them to possess. 

Who may pay you a visit?

There are a few authorities entitled to conduct such check-ups on foreigners, including:

  • Customs officers
  • Border guards
  • Police
  • Foreigners’ office officials
  • Voivodeship Office representatives

What documents do you need?

Concerning your right to stay: passport, visa, residence card, valid Polish travel document, valid Polish ID, temporary Polish travel document, temporary Polish ID, Geneva travel document, certificate of returning travel document if the right to stay was withdrawn, documents confirming the right to enter Poland in order to perform work.

Concerning your right to work or conduct business: work permit, declaration of intention to employ foreigner, job contract, confirmation of conducting business activity.

Concerning financial means to support oneself in Poland: travel check or credit card statement, confirmation of possessing financial means lodged in a bank located in Poland, original of foreigner’s invitation to Poland, proof of receiving scholarship in Poland.

… as well as a proof of sufficient means to pay for medical treatment.

Many background checks and controls concern foreign spouses of Polish nationals.
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Background check

Sometimes border guards perform background check by interviewing a foreigner’s family, friends, neighbours or even teachers and colleagues. Such interviews are conducted between 6 am – 8 pm in a foreigner’s place of residence, employment or other locations indicated in their residence card applications. It is all standard procedure in such situations and there is no rule as to why you have been selected to undergo this kind of detailed control.

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