Easier access to jobs in Poland for Vietnamese & Filipinos

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Polish government plans to introduce further facilitations for foreigners working in Poland. The newest proposals, which are yet to be implemented, deal with Vietnamese and Filipino people, as well as amendments to declarations of intention to employ foreigners.

There are plans underway to amend a few issues regarding foreigners working in Poland, including:

Declarations of intention to employ foreigners from post-Soviet countries

Currently such employees are allowed to work in Poland for maximum half a year, but the new amendments are to extend this period to one full year. The aim of these actions is to prevent labour shortages across Poland, where they are more and more noticeable.

Work permit length

At the moment foreigners obtaining work permits may be entitled to work in Poland for the maximum period of three years. After the amendments, the period might be prolonged and last even five years.

Non-EU citizens with easier access to Polish jobs

Currently, citizens of six post-Soviet republics (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine) had the possibility to work in Poland for a short period of time without the necessity to obtain a work permit. Now it will be extended to Vietnamese and Filipino citizens, according to sources in the Polish Ministry of Labour. The citizens of these countries, although geographically remote, have proven to integrate into Polish society in remarkable ways over the last few decades. 

Spouses’ rights

A whole new feature that may be introduced quite soon is the fact that spouses of foreigners who have a work permit in Poland will be exempt from the necessity to obtain one for themselves – they will automatically be granted the right to work in Poland as well.

We will let you know when those updates to the Polish law come into force. Do you think that Poland will benefit from these changes? 

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