72k foreign students in Poland and counting!

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Summer means not only holidays, but also decisions about your future, especially if you are in your twenties (or younger)! Did you know that you can join over 72,000 foreign students in Poland? Will there be more of them?

There are about 72,000 foreign students in Poland, representing over 166 countries, according to the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education. Officials say, however, that there is still a lot to do to attract more students from abroad to Polish universities and colleges. What will be done to improve Polish achievements in this respect?

To start with, in 2005 there were only 10,000 expat students in Poland. This means that over the next 13 years the number has septupled and is still bound to grow. Polish officials have already recognised the need to improve international cooperation and started various agencies as well as programmes to foster European and global relations. They admit that even wider introduction of English-language instructions and staff at all university structures should be a good starting point.

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Who already studies in Poland? The biggest group are students from Poland’s neighbouring countries: Ukraine – nearly 37,500 people and Belarus – 6,000 students. The goal is to also attract people with a more diverse background and create a rewarding academic environment for all who participate in it.

Foreigners in Poland choose medical studies as the most popular university coursework. Officials want to attract students from abroad to study IT-related subjects, too.

Are you also one of the students interested in joining the world of Polish academia?

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