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Did you know that Poland’s oldest university in Kraków dates back to 1364? No wonder Poland’s academic offer includes a variety of medical & business schools, law faculties, linguistic courses, humanities and more… Let’s talk about ‘more’ today! We give you a few unusual and rare courses that Poles can major in. Or who knows, if you learn Polish well enough, you may take part as well!

Urban renewal

Students can take part in this 2-year-long Master’s programme in Łódź, Poland. It is a joint project of the University of Łódź and Łódź University of Technology. The participants will gain knowledge about such areas as architecture, urban planning, engineering, environmental studies, economics, management, sociology, geography or even pedagogics. There is probably no better city than Łódź to study this major! Łódź itself can serve as a great example of urban regeneration and renewal projects are underway all the time.

Parish management

Postgraduate courses of this kind are or have been offered at a few educational facilities in Poland. Right now, parish management studies are available for instance for orthodox priests at the University of Białystok, a city famous for its cultural diversity. It is worth stressing that such courses are offered not only to clergymen, but also to people who simply want to learn more about budgeting for and overseeing NGOs.

Culinary art engineering

Yes, in Poland you can become an engineer specialising in… gastronomy and culinary art, but after all the food industry is an industry, so it needs engineers. Students learn how to run all sorts of eating places, gaining technological, legal and dietary knowledge, as well as professional training in team management skills. This Bachelor’s degree can be earnt at UWM in Olsztyn.

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If you dismiss medical schools as old news, but still would love to help people, here is something more quirky and Hogwarts-like: herbalism. The University of Life Sciences in Lublin offers a full set of Bachelor and Master’s courses in this discipline. Sounds like a paradise for all the people loving natural remedies, whom we seem to get more and more of these days!

Humanities 2.0

All of the above sound too technical and you are more of a free-thinker? UKW in Bydgoszcz runs a BA course which aims to present the second generation of humanities. Dusty reading room days are over, it is time for social media, e-commerce, video games and e-learning. A lot of humanities students have been mocked in Poland for their inability to adjust to the technologically improving world – will Humanities 2.0 student be laughed at as well? 

Hopefully soon these and some more interesting courses will be available in English for all foreigners to join in with new ideas. After all, you may know some herbs that are not very popular among Polish certified herbalists, but are common in your home country. Share some unusual studies from universities in your countries, too!

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