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What career paths await foreigners relocating to Poland? Two expats take us on a journey through their real-life experience, the challenges and the opportunities they have encountered on the way. Meet the first one working at IKEA Business Service Center in Poznań, Poland.

Bart Mooren is Dutch, but now he works in Poznań at IKEA Business Service Center as a Personnel Administration/Payroll Specialist
within its Netherlands Team. 

How did he start his career there? 

His IKEA journey started in November 2015 in Bart’s home country of the Netherlands, when he found an application for a position within
IKEA SSC Poznań. He applied immediately; he could not pass up the opportunity to work in IKEA HR, as this was exactly what he was looking for! 

What was this job like? 

The position, HR Administrator for the Belgian team, seemed perfect for Bart. After a telephone conversation he was invited to come to Poznań for a face-to-face conversation. He was elated when he got the news that he was selected for the position.

The relocation went really smooth.

Bart emigrated a month later, and since then he couldn’t have been happier with his job. He got the position in HR he has always wanted and he adores his colleagues. Since he became an ‘IKEA family member’ he has made many friends and great memories. Moreover, he gets to use both English and his native language on a daily basis (even a little bit of French from time to time). Currently he is learning how to speak Polish as well! 

The job’s challenges and opportunities.

Thanks to the position, Bart is now familiar with many different HR processes, and adept with a number of important software commonly
used in HR departments around the world. He has also gladly taken on many extra responsibilities like leading briefings, learning about Belgian legislation, and presenting during meetings. It is safe to say he learned a lot during his time in Poznań and helped many people. He feels he has grown both personally and professionally, and he couldn’t be happier with his life as it is right now!

The most inspiring aspect of Bart’s job is... 

... the knowledge that his efforts are important, and being a valuable asset to his team and country. His input ensures that the necessary HR processes for Belgium are professionally executed and maintained. Bart is a contact person for all Belgian IKEA employees, and helping them and supporting his team simply brings him satisfaction. 

Favourite aspect of working for IKEA BSC: 

Bart’s personal favourite aspect of IKEA culture are the opportunities to grow within the company, both personally and professionally. Within IKEA, this is stimulated and expected, without the rat-race pressure that other big companies unfortunately often have. You will be stimulated to attend trainings and workshops, and you will surpass even your own expectations. 

Bart’s advice for those thinking about this job:

Take a good look at the personal values you live by. Are you willing to change if you find a better way to do something? Do you prefer a simple and efficient solution to a convoluted, conservative one? Are you enthusiastic and do you want to be a valued part of a larger group? Do you want to develop both as a person and professionally? If the answers to these questions is ‘yes’, then you will have a great time working at IKEA.

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