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Is working in IT unattainable for people with non-tech background? What can you do in an IT company if you do not have a degree in Computer Studies? Read our list of entry-level positions and decide!

The IT industry is very much present behind most of our everyday activities and this realisation has to dawn on many young people entering the job market. A huge branch of business remains undiscovered, but IT companies are not hiding from us on purpose. In fact, the sector is opening up to all sorts of experts, who are willing to build a more efficient information society. The problem of joining the IT lies in ourselves – many graduates and young professionals tend to think that IT is simply out of their league since they have not obtained a university degree in this field. Nothing could be further from the truth. A quick glance at recruitment in some global giants of the 21st century shows changes in the process of acquiring new employees. See a few of our proposals for people outside the IT who may have never considered giving it a shot.

Niche experts

If you take into consideration some of the biggest IT players of our times, their areas of activity are too vast to describe. Consider projects which involve such things as online maps, language translators or newsfeeds with information from all over the world, among many other original ventures. In order to keep accessing such areas out of IT's comfort zone, the companies need experts with a fresh yet professional perspective. This is why cartographers, linguists and media freaks may find employment within the structures of computer-focused companies. In fact, nowadays no degree excludes you from swelling the ranks of global IT giants.

Examples? Infrastructure Analyst with Languages at Capgemini - a job on the verge of testing activities, requiring careful verification of system alerts and its day-to-day maintenance. No previous expertise needed, but it is an asset in many positions.  

Customer service

IT companies have a lot of interest in fluent foreign language speakers. This is due to the development of Customer Service roles within their structures. Every reputable company wants to establish a bond with their customers, which is achieved mainly through good service. CS roles require a lot of charisma, high proficiency in English and other languages in-demand: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Nordic languages. Detailed IT knowledge is not a must, but once you have it, you can move up within the structures of a company, e.g. from a consultant to a role in tech support. If you see yourself in this position, this branch of business will definitely welcome you.

Examples? Customer Service Advisor at Atos - a job requiring foreign language proficiency as many business centres in Poland handle global user problems. While a consultant answers their queries, knowledge about IT processes and systems can be gained (as it is required in customer service positions).

Check out more Customer Service jobs here.


Out of the jobs mentioned in our section devoted to non-IT experts, this may actually require more substantial knowledge in this field. It is necessary for sales teams to be able to demonstrate their products to customers, and this means feeling comfortable in this particular area of business. Knowing technical and software specifications as well as understanding customer’s IT-related needs is essential here. Engaging in the job pays off – Google is increasingly focusing on sales & account managers selling cloud contracts. Important salesman features include providing marketing and sales plans, interpersonal skills, and most importantly – genuine interest in the product that is being advertised and sold.

Examples? Sales & Fulfillment program for students at Infosys Poland - a training opportunity for those interested in non-tech job in the tech field. Many companies in Poland provide initial classes to make out of their candidates experts in their field. 

Has any of these areas interested you? Make sure to come back to our website and check vacancies regularly.

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