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We are thrilled to share with you the third issue of the Careers in Poland Guidebook. Whether you are a regular follower or a curious new reader, we hope that you will find our magazine interesting. The main goal in creating our content is to inform foreigners about career opportunities awaiting them in Poland.


This magazine is your very own key to the recruitment process in the greatest international organisations located in Poland. Their multinationalism will make you feel at home, but at the same time you will be able to grow and learn by living in a foreign country. You can start getting used to that now, by reading the first section of Careers in Poland called Choose Poland, which presents basic facts about the country as well as invites you to pursue a career in the beautiful city of Wrocław.

In this year’s issue, we pay special attention to Poland’s IT sector. Its dynamic expansion and constant innovation attract more and more foreigners. Our report gives insight into recent trends and developments in this business area. Read more about them in IT Special Report.

Further on, we invite you to join the Business Services Sector in Poland, where we focus on one trend in each of its business areas (HR, Finance, Customer Service) and present it to our readers. After all, this is where many foreigners take their first professional steps in Poland, so it is better to stay informed!

Apart from that, we continue to equip you with tips on everyday life and legal issues. To find them, go to First Steps in Poland and learn how to ensure your stay in Poland is legal, what visa is needed or how much everyday products cost in Poland.

Careers in Poland would not be complete without Company Profiles and City Presentations. Simply match your perfect employer with your dream Polish city and you can start booking tickets to Poland. Our greatest wish is to encourage you to pursue a career in the international environment of the Polish labour market. We hope to see you here very soon.

The Careers in Poland guidebook is available for you right here, by clicking the button below. If you prefer to get your hands on a printed copy, you will be able to find us at career fairs, events organised by student associations and career offices at universities all over Europe.



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