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Deloitte – a leading global consulting company – is about to open its Central Europe Business Services Centre in Rzeszów, Poland. The city, overshadowed by Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk and other well-known locations, is now attracting investors and creating jobs. Deloitte plans to hire over 300 employees by 2021.

August 1st will mark the opening of a new Business Services Centre for Deloitte in Rzeszów, in southern Poland. All already existing process, as well as new ones, will be transferred to a new building, SkyRes. Deloitte has acquired a number of employees in Rzeszów, but the company is hoping to multiply the figures and plans to recruit over 300 people, who will share the office’s space over two floors at SkyRes. The deadline for reaching this number of employees is set for 2021.

The new office will host Deloitte’s departments responsible for providing external services in audit, finance & accounting, IT processes and risk management, which operate within its Central Europe Business Services Centre. They will serve to international clients from 18 countries, providing data analysis, sampling and financial verification. 

We are convinced that by launching our Business Services Centre we accelerate the growth of the entire Podkarpackie region – says Gerard Murray, Deloitte CE CFO, Deloitte CE Business Services Center Sponsoring Partner.

This part of Poland has been overshadowed by other attractive locations, but the dynamics are changing. Experts claim that Rzeszów’s strength lies in the proximity of other academic centres, which guarantee workforce, as well as its infrastructure and established relations with other regions of Europe, especially its central part. Moreover, local authorities are keen on inviting new investors and businesses.

Who is Deloitte looking for? Graduates of economics, technical studies, IT, administration and logistics. Language skills are also important – both Western and Eastern European languages are in demand. 

Are you thinking about joining Deloitte in Rzeszów?
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This all seems like a perfect opportunity for foreigners who want to work in the SSC sector, but if you are on a lookout for other offers in Rzeszów as well, you will be glad to hear that another big player has already settled in the city. PwC office can be found in SkyRes as well, so if this region suits your preferences, consider applying!

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