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Polish employers encourage their staff to engage in a number of CSR activities, but so far only Capgemini Polska has been successful enough to take their extra hobby to a professional level. Teatr Capgemini (Eng. Capgemini Theatre) is arriving this week for the eighth time.

The title of the play in Polish (Eng. A Firefly in the Darkness)

The title of the play in Polish (Eng. A Firefly in the Darkness)

A Firefly in the Darkness is an unusual play, set up by accountants, project managers, business analysts and other experts employed by Capgemini in Kraków. After hours, they decided to get together, this year for the eighth time, to tell a story of fighting the Darkness with the help of an army of fireflies. The project required them to spend months on rehearsals, but the result is met with a lot of satisfaction from the performers, as always.

The Capgemini play is even more special because all the proceeds from the tickets are donated to charity. Capgemini, staying true to its values, will use the money to support and educate the disabled who are interested in business development, especially in the aspect of entering the labour market. The last year’s goal was similar:

Capgemini financed an English course adjusted to the needs of visually impaired people – confirms Karolina Długosz, CSR Manager, Capgemini Polska.

Although the tickets to all shows are already sold out (the play runs 24-28 January 2017 in Kraków), it is worth noticing and praising the trend of employers who successfully manage to find space for charity and fun at their workplace. After all, some of these accountants and business analysts may have dreamt of becoming professional entertainers – now their dreams come true and, what is more, to the benefit of those in need at the same time. 

What is your favourite CSR activity provided by your employer? Poland Business Run is yet another exceptional example of an event where charity meets business. More and more people believe that giving back is necessary, so share your ideas of how you can help the others while still having fun!

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