Atos Poland: Career paths in IT are waiting for you

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Are you going to develop in such areas as networks, safety, administration of operating systems, database and application management, virtualization and “cloud” solutions? Find out what Poland may offer you thanks to companies like Atos Poland.

Your organization has branches in various cities in Poland. Does each branch deal with different business processes?

In our Polish branches we provide services as part of three service lines: Managed Services (MS), System Integration (SI), as well as Big Data and Security (BDS). As far as the greatest Global Delivery centres in Atos Poland are concerned, we provide MS and BDS services in Bydgoszcz, while in Wroclaw we provide SI services. We understand our customers’ business challenges perfectly well and we can provide tailor-made solutions based on more than 30 years of experience. 

What career opportunities do you offer to IT graduates?

IT graduates can start their careers in line with their specialization. We offer development opportunities as part of the newest IT specializations. Career paths can be developed in the area of networks, safety, administration of operating systems, database and application management, virtualization and “cloud” solutions.

What are your recruitment plans for 2015? Which (selected) positions are you going to recruit?

We are looking for people from various competence areas. We employ both technical employees and people who do not have such knowledge or experience. Candidates who have an IT profile are offered a wide range of jobs. For example,  we are looking for network operators, safety, software engineers, administrators of Windows and Linux/Unix systems, Oracle and MS SQL data bases, as well as Middleware, SAP specialists, Java and Oracle developers, testers and programmers who know the Microsoft technology.

For people who do not have IT experience, it is important to know a foreign language, like English, German and French. There are the so called non-technical jobs,  e.g. in the department of the first line support for customers. This is the first point of contact for customers in case of difficulties with the service or technical problems. Processes and projects are another development path that the employees without IT experience can follow. Working at the positions of coordinators the employees support project managers and process managers.

Atos has the highest positions in employers’ rankings. What makes Atos a friendly working environment?

The development of both business and people is one of the most important characteristics of our organization. Every day Atos employees act in an international environment, work on interesting projects with unusual people from all over the world. Development opportunities are additionally wider because of technical, language, and soft skills trainings. We provide our employees with benefits package, including remote working, additional insurance, healthcare, co-financing commuting to work, relocation package or co-financing sports and recreation. In Atos, we emphasize the work-life balance and that is why we support individual activities of our employees who take part,  e.g., in sports competitions, meetings of various sports disciplines lovers, like sailing – Atos Sailing Team, and many other. We are happy that Atos employees are involved in all kinds of social and charity events – in this case, we also guarantee our support to them. All these factors make Atos a friendly workplace. 

Do you also employ foreigners in your Polish centres? How do you support them in our country?

We hire about 200 foreigners from almost all over the world. We offer support regarding obtaining work permit and gathering information about living in Poland. All the employees who relocate to our branches also get additional benefits in the form of the relocation or hotel packages, which are to assist them in the process of moving house. 

Do you apply flexible forms of employment to enable students to combine work and education?

In our company we employ people based on the employment contract. Yet there are departments where it is possible to combine work and education. I mean the departments, which provide their services 24/7. This gives the opportunity of flexible working hours and allows employees to combine work and classes even at full-time studies.

What makes you unique among the other international employers? What is your corporate culture?

The people and the atmosphere that they create are our main characteristics. It is thanks to the outstanding specialists and interesting personalities that we provide the IT services of the highest quality. That is why we invest in our employees’ development; we provide them with a friendly working environment and financial stability. Our company culture has been built on a healthy balance between work and life. The possibility to combine work with passion and living in a healthy balance between those two areas is our company’s characteristic.

Do you think it is worth coming to Poland and staying here for longer in order to pursue a career here?

Of course. Polish labour market, particularly the market of modern business services, is developing and that is why people coming to our country can still count on interesting job offers. Atos is also open to foreign candidates. We have observed that our country hosts not only people who were forced to come here because of the economic crisis, but also qualified specialists who are great at working in the international environment. 

Do you employ only graduates of specializations related to IT? Does Atos also recruit specialists in arts and humanities?

We employ graduates of both IT studies and other specializations. We look, first of all, at competencies which a candidate possesses and which match the job. Jobs which do not require IT knowledge are dedicated to the specialists in arts and humanities. Here it is important to know a foreign language, like English, German, and French.  Graduates of the so called non-technical specializations can develop in the area of processes and projects and also in the department of the first line support for a customer at such positions as project coordinator, process coordinator or customer service advisor with German/French.

How do you take care of competencies and knowledge of your employees?

Each employee undergoes a job appraisal twice a year. Then the employees’ competencies are verified, goals for the next year are set and development plans are discussed. The company supports the widely understood development of employees. Employees have access to various technical and soft skills trainings. What is more, qualified teachers conduct classes in as many as six foreign languages. All the employees also have unlimited access to e-learning trainings. Atos offers over ten thousand online trainings, which can be used by the employees without limits. This allows unlimited development in any selected area and the trainings can be done at the most convenient time. We focus on the flexibility of our training offer, so that the employees can adjust the training to their individual preferences.


Joanna Starostecka

I represent HR Recruitment Team in Atos. My specialization is recruitment of network and security engineers. Before I started my adventure with IT company I used to work as a psychologist with people suffering from social and vocational exclusion.  I graduate psychology and find strong interest in working with people, especially in supporting their personal development. Apart from psychology my great passion is music. I practice playing piano which helps me to keep appropriate level of work life balance.

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