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Relocating to Poland has its advantages, but to get the full picture, thoroughly examine what else is offered by your new employer. After all, salary is important, but it is worth to know if there will be some extra perks involved, too.

Private health plan

This benefit is the most common one as well as the most desirable one in Polish companies. Poland’s health system is based on a general insurance, but foreigners are not automatically covered by that. This is why most employers provide a private health package for their staff – not only for their foreign employees, but also for Poles who prefer more accessible medical services. Each employer usually has a preferred private health company and along with them prepares an offer for their employees. You can choose from different plans co-financed by your company, ranging from the most basic ones, to those covering specialist health services and usually you can insure your spouse and children as well. Some of the most popular private medical companies include Polmed, LUXMED or Medicover.

How does Polish health system work?
Learn more about health insurance in Poland.

Life insurance

It is quite a popular benefit which, if provided by your employer, guarantees a life insurance plan for a specified period of time. In choosing it, please remember to check the period it covers. It may happen to be longer than your employment in the company and after that you may be obliged to pay full contributions yourself.

Cafeteria plan

Broad cafeteria plans are pretty popular in companies in Poland. They enable employees to use up money form their flexible spending account on different types of benefits, ranging from pre-paid gift cards and gym memberships, to theatre tickets or even dental care. The offer is once again customised by your company and the biggest advantage of the cafeteria plan is that it is the employee who decides what to spend their money on.

Lunch coupons

This specific kind of benefit may operate in various ways. If your company or office building has its own cafeteria, they may finance or co-finance your everyday meals. Sometimes, however, employers offer even a broader type of benefit – food coupons, which can be used in standard shops to buy everyday food products.

Language courses

Depending on the company, language courses can be fully financed or co-financed by your employer. The lessons usually take place before or after your typical working hours in small groups. Higher level company official may have individual lessons with a tutor hired by the corporate. Occasionally, if a company employs large numbers of foreigners, there are less formal forms of language studying, e.g. language tandems or other grassroots movements, which are later facilitated by the employer.

Postgraduate studies/professional courses

A lot of companies requiring high-level skills decide to co-finance your professional courses or MBA studies. In Poland it is standard practice that they want something in return – in this case, your loyalty. Make sure you are satisfied with your employer before taking this opportunity offered by them.

Discounts on company products

Not all companies in Poland can offer such benefits, but if their product is commonly used, it can help you save a lot. Be it a loan from your bank or a discount on a new car – it is an advantage worth considering if you are a fan of the brand you work for. 

Do you think that benefits like these can persuade a foreigner to relocate to Poland? Would you prefer to have lower salary with many additional perks or earn more and have no benefits at all? 

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