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Business services sector in Poland, the potential of Rzeszów, career opportunities in Audit Delivery Center (ADC) and Finance departments in Deloitte Central Europe Business Services Center (DCE BSC) are the topics we will discuss with Pavel Frnoch, DCE BSC Leader, and Tomasz Ustrobiński, ADC Operating Manager in DCE BSC, a native of Rzeszów.

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Sponsored interview

Careers in Poland: Deloitte CE Business Services Center office is based in Rzeszów, Poland. Why is this country an attractive destination for international investors?

PAVEL: The Polish shared services market is the one to report the highest growth in Central Europe. When looking at the map of Poland one can easily spot regions where BSCs smaller than those of Bangalore (India) are set up, but from the point of view of Germany or the United Kingdom, Poland is easier to reach and provides more advantageous conditions to do business and supervise such centers.

What makes living in Rzeszów interesting? Is it a foreigner-friendly city?

PAVEL: It is a young electrifying city. Rzeszów has the highest percentage of students (per 1,000 citizens) in the entire European Union. The size of the city is its enormous advantage, as one can get to any place in Rzeszów within 15 minutes. Moreover, the capital of the Podkarpacie region offers comfortable and modern transportation facilities and infrastructure, such as the airport and the motorway, as well as efficient public transport. I highly value these aspects as a foreigner myself.

What makes Deloitte Central Europe Business Services Center stand out as an employer?

PAVEL: For many candidates, work in the BSCs is attractive, because it provides the opportunity to learn new competences and best practices which had been developed in the global network for many years. With a satisfactory work-life balance, it is a great opportunity for the Millennials. We are located in SkyRes Building at Warszawska Street in Rzeszów. Our office is the first modern A Class building in Rzeszów. It has been designed in accordance with the latest standards and its office space arrangement ensures optimal work conditions, comparable to other Deloitte offices in Poland.

Deloitte is a major international company. Which processes and for which regions are delivered in your Rzeszów BSC?

PAVEL: Deloitte Central Europe Business Services Center in Rzeszów provides finance and accounting, IT, and Quality & Risk management services for Deloitte firms in 18 countries. Further, it supports Deloitte audit teams that provide audit services to clients across the CE region. The main purpose of DCE BSC in Rzeszów is to streamline and standardise business functions. In future, DCE BSC wants to expand the scope of provided services to include other areas and clients operating in both Europe and elsewhere. Not only is it a significant element of the growth strategy followed by Deloitte CE and Deloitte Poland, but also a key driver of foreign investment in Rzeszów and in the Podkarpacie region.

What is the main focus of your department?

TOMEK: The Audit Delivery Center team supports Deloitte audit teams across Central Europe providing high quality services from a central location. The ADC team helps Deloitte’s auditors performing selected audit tasks which include data analysis, statistical sampling for audit, audit confirmations and many other aspects pertaining to audits of financial statements. Our innovative approach to audit brings additional benefits to Deloitte clients in the form of leading practices and insights collected over a large population of engagements, standardised audit delivery and application of innovative analytical tools, which results in top service quality.

PAVEL: The Finance team is composed of finance professionals, both Juniors and Seniors. Our ambition is to have both the transactional part of finance and the Center of Excellence in Rzeszów in near future. We are currently supporting our largest practices in the CE region (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania), preparing for the next expansion wave to cover all Deloitte CE. From the transactional process point of view, we are focusing on activities such as Account Payables, Account Receivables, Cash Collection, Expense Report processing and General Ledger operations. Speaking about the Center of Excellence, I would mention treasury activities, reporting, tax compliance and Management Accounting where we are building specific expertise. In many cases, we do not just lift and shift existing processes, but we are able to deliver high quality service to our customers thanks to technology improvements.

Is innovation a permanent aspect of your day-to-day activities at Deloitte?

PAVEL: Automation and standardisation of business centers help improve efficiency and quality. A complex organization, diversified in terms of culture, language and other local characteristics, operating under one global brand in line with common standards of behaviour and service, needs appropriate instruments and tools. Although complex and multi-faceted, the Business Services Center is an efficient business tool.

In finance and audit, do you use solutions related to other areas, such as IT-based solutions?

PAVEL: Of course – technology supports realtime communication and enables people all over the world to participate in complex processes. Additionally, it streamlines, simplifies and standardises the performance of a number of tasks.

Does Deloitte offer entry level positions for young graduates? What skills must a candidate possess in order to become part of Deloitte?

TOMEK: We are looking for ambitious people, who want to advance their careers in an international working environment. If you are a graduate of a university of economics, specialised in technology or humanities, if you speak fluent English, have working knowledge of a Central European language plus analytical and teamwork skills - join us! Foreign language proficiency is a big asset in the labour market.

Which languages are particularly attractive for Deloitte?

TOMEK: English is our regular communication language. Good knowledge of Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian or even Croatian would be an additional advantage. Also, if you are thinking about an ADC career and can speak German, we are looking for an employee like you!

How does your sector help young people become professionals? How can they utilize their new skills in future?

PAVEL: Deloitte gives you access to our global network resources. Our professionals are at the leading edge of global trends in international business and government organisations. Professional experience of diverse talents accumulates, while cultural and language differences prove less challenging than inconsistent process standards. Moreover, process standardisation helps mitigate risks and drive sustainable growth.

Working in a multicultural environment is at the same time encouraging and very challenging. ​How does Deloitte create a workplace where employees can express their individuality?

PAVEL: Our brand is our people. New employees join Deloitte for many reasons, also because they want to become Deloitte people. We recognise that a culture that celebrates individuality and leverages differences represents an enormous competitive advantage. Simply put, a workplace where people feel valued and included is a place where people thrive.

What are your recruitment plans in 2016/2017?

PAVEL: The capital of Podkarpacie has already seen over 150 new jobs created by Deloitte Central Europe Business Services Center in a short time and by 2021, the headcount is expected to increase to over 300 people.

What kind of career prospects does Deloitte offer to its employees?

TOMEK: When you join Deloitte, you join a powerful global network of talented professionals. We provide opportunities to build lifelong connections with colleagues and clients all around the world, because we perform better when we connect the dots between our people and their strengths. Whether you are taking the first steps or looking to move to the next level, working at Deloitte empowers you to build a career that is best for you. The reason why we are one of the most soughtafter employers in the country is that we offer meaningful development opportunities. 

Pavel Frnoch

ACCA, MBA, Deloitte CE Business Services Center Leader. Joined Deloitte in 2002; Financial
services professional with more than 13 years of experience in Finance, including CFO and COO
positions in Deloitte Balkan. Over the last 2 years responsible for transformation of Finance
Departments in Deloitte CE and development of the DCE Business Services in Rzeszów.


Tomasz Ustrobiński

A chartered certified accountant (ACCA) and a certified internal auditor (CIA); a proficient financial services professional with ten years of experience in finance departments, including 5 years in internal audit, being
responsible for financial and operational compliance as well as risk management. Joined Deloitte in September 2016 taking the role of ADC Operating Manager at BSC in Rzeszów.


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