Talent Shortage - who are Polish employers looking for? ManpowerGroup Survey 2016

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Employers across the globe are facing the most acute talent shortage since the recession, according to the latest Talent Shortage Survey, released by ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN). Of the more than 42,000 employers surveyed, 40% are experiencing difficulties filling roles; the highest level since 2007. In Poland this amounts to 45%!

ManpowerGroup has released the results both from the global perspective as well as focusing on the Polish job market. In Poland, the hardest jobs to fill remain skilled trade workers, topping the list for a few consecutive years now. The group contains such professionals as: electricians, carpenters, welders, bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers, masons and more. Drivers (truck, lorry, heavy goods, delivery, heavy equipment and construction drivers) are the second most sought-after professional group, while engineers close the TOP3 in the survey. The full list is presented below:

  1. Skilled trade workers
  2. Drivers
  3. Engineers
  4. Production/Machine Operations
  5. Unskilled workers
  6. Technicians
  7. Hospitality jobs
  8. IT staff
  9. Doctors and medical staff
  10. Sales executives

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See the full report here.

Troubles encountered by Polish companies are typical for the entire region. Employers in EMEA are facing talent shortages at the highest levels since 2006, with 36% of employers reporting difficulty filling vacancies, a rise from 32% in 2015. Employers in Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece face the most acute difficulties. Those reporting the least difficulty include Norway, the Netherlands, UK and Ireland, so Poland can be placed somewhere inbetween the two groups. As in every year since 2007, employers in the EMEA region report skilled trades roles as the most difficult positions to fill followed by drivers, engineers and sales representatives. 

The report can give you insight into what positions are really in demand at the moment in Poland, so if you are planning to relocate here, take a closer look at these results. This year there are no finance & accounting jobs in TOP10, but that does not mean that there are no such job offers on our website - be sure to check them our ads in finance, accounting and BPO here!

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