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The biggest conference concerning emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe – Emerging Markets Business Conference – is going to be held on June the 30th, in the Hall of Quotation at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The event is organised as a climax of Emerging Markets Business Summit, a unique economic summit, held between 26 June and 10 July. This remarkable initiative launched by students of the Warsaw School of Economics is based on cooperation with leading universities of emerging markets. It is a unique opportunity to understand more profoundly the specificity of economy and politics from within, as well as to establish valuable contacts, which would in the future result in the development of economic partnership. During the summit, workshops and lectures concerning banking, monetary union, financial markets and the economy are to be organised. This year's edition cooperates with, inter alia, the NBP Euro Information Centre, Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju, PAIiIZ, and students from the best economic schools of Brazil and Argentina are to participate.

Emerging Markets Business Conference provides with demanded knowledge of new opportunities and biggest challenges resulting from the economic cooperation of dynamically developing countries. This year, distinguished speakers such as Anna Hejka (HCM Group, CEO), Mirosław Janik (Wincor Nixdorf, CEO), Marcin Jędrzejewski (The Boston Consulting Group Principal), Łukasz Kosman (Audioteka.pl, CEO), Mateusz Morawiecki (BZ WBK, CEO), Beata Stelmach (General Electrics, CEO) are to grace EMBC with their presence. Issues related to on-going changes in the developing countries are to be discussed and to an altering balance of power internationally. Countries feeling the effects of the economic slowdown, as well as those aspiring to become the economic power, worth investing in, are to be presented.

Moreover, outstanding Polish entrepreneurs are to elaborate factors of success and the subject of barriers getting in the way of geographical expansion. A representative of the capital group PKP Intercity is to discuss decisive changes that have occurred in the company and share their story of success – a perseverant aspiration to increase and maintain profitability in the context of many important decisions made recently by PKP Intercity.

More information: www.embcwarsaw.com and www.embswarsaw.com

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