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published: 16 Mar 2016 in News

International Career Day 2016 - 3rd Edition in Warsaw’s Collegium Civitas

Ewelina Nurczyk
Ewelina Nurczyk


If you happen to be in Warsaw on March 18th, 2016, do not miss the opportunity to visit Collegium Civitas, located in the Palace of Culture and Science. This is where for the third time International Career Day will take place. You will also have a chance to meet ‘Careers in Poland’!

International Career Days in Warsaw are a great opportunity for foreigners living in Poland to find their dream career path. Do you want to check out different options? Are you a student just starting out by building your CV? Do you feel like you need some guidance in the form of seminars and workshops conducted by professionals? If your answer is yes, join the event this Friday, March 18th between 11 am and 5 pm!

This free of charge career day is organised by Collegium Civitas, a renowned non-public university in Warsaw, Poland. Located in the very heart of the Polish capital city, on the 12th floor of the towering Palace of Culture and Science, Collegium Civitas educates a substantial number of foreign students. The event is dedicated to them, but also to local people willing to start a career in an international environment and other foreigners living in Poland.

Employers from big companies and organisations such as BNP Paribas, American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, Polish-American Leadership Academy, Foundation for Somalia and many more will await your presence there. Moreover, you will have a possibility to snatch your very own printed copy of Careers in Poland!

Do you prefer online versions of magazines?
You can get Careers in Poland online here!

Should you like to take part, please bear in mind that apart from meeting employers, learning about job offers and internship possibilities, and getting legal advice, you can participate in workshops and seminars organised by Collegium Civitas. These are divided into two blocks: Finding a Job and Succeeding in Professional Life.

Finding a Job block

  1. How to create a professional resume and be successful during job interview
    Łukasz Olszta, Job Advisor of Collegium Civitas

    You will be shown how to:
    Look for internship and job opportunities.
    Prepare professional application documents.
    Make yourself ready for a job interview.
    Learn effective job search methods.
  2. Careers in Public Relations workshop: How to provide effective communication with the environment
    Agata Wiśniewska, General Manager ComPress

    What is Public Relations?
    Who can be a PR professional? Main skills.
    Who needs Public Relations?
    Media - the biggest ally of PR professional?
    How to create press release that gets attention?
  3. Don’t just get an education. Be entrepreneurial! Work hard in a smart way.
    Daniel Omotosho, the Foundation for Somalia

    Getting the University degree is important, however, the most significant things in your Life will not be ever learned at the University.
    The messages of the workshop - do not just get a university degree, but get an EDUCATION. University teaches you tools and ideas, but your success in life depends on how and what you make of these tools!
    The success formula of Daniel Omotosho is proven and tested and will be discussed during the workshop.

Succeeding in Professional Life block

  1. How to succeed in banking
    Roland Pac, Head of global finance services in Poland CFO – RBS global hub Europe.

    Mr. Pac is going to share his life experience, exclusively with the attendants of the International Career Day.
    He will deliver a speech about his path to success and challenges that he faced.
    Mr. Pac will also describe his today’s job and tasks that he faces on the daily bases.
    As a part of the presentation, you are encouraged to take part and not only listen to his story but also ask him the questions.
  2. Public Affairs – fusion of PR and politics in your everyday job
    Iga Wilczyńska, Public Affairs Consultant, Grayling Poland

    Public Affairs and lobbying – what are they? Is it legal in Poland?
    What does it have in common with PR and why our clients need it?
    Basic tools and activities: media and legislative monitoring, research and analyses, recommendations, stakeholder meetings etc.
    Who can do it? The required skills and interests.
    Case studies: who do we work for, scopes of activities, selected results.
  3. Career in Aviation
    Joanna Szabuniewicz, Crew & Training Manager, ARPI Aviation

    There are more than pilots and cabin crew!
    Career opportunities in aviation sector.
    Main requirements from leading companies.
    Experience sharing, stories of success.
    Job and internship offers around the world.

Be quick – registration is required to take part in the workshops! More information about that on the event’s Facebook fanpage.

We hope to see you in Collegium Civitas this Friday! Your career starts here.

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