Polish Office for Foreigners publishes Brexit information brochure

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Just like other European countries, Poland tries to keep up with the latest developments on Brexit and prepare for its possible outcomes. Therefore, the Polish Office for Foreigners has prepared a brochure which provides British citizens with essential information regarding their future stay in Poland.

It is still unclear how and when Britain will leave the European Union. Citizens of other European countries remain uncertain as to their future in the UK as do the British living and working in the EU. 

Under current rules, British citizens are required to register they stay in Poland if it exceeds a period of 3 months – the same rule applies to other EU nationals. When it comes to family members who are not EU citizens, they are required to obtain a residence card of a family member of an EU citizen. 

The Office for Foreigners encourages British citizens who wish to stay in Poland, to register their residence before 29 March 2019. According to the main assumptions of the law regulating residence status of the UK citizens in Poland, holders of residence permits valid on 29 March 2019, will be able to stay and work legally in Poland until 31 December 2020, in case of a no-deal Brexit. 

What can happen next?

The Polish Office for Foreigners has published a special information brochure for British citizens who live in Poland. It presents the rules governing the residence rights of UK nationals, taking into account three possible Brexit scenarios:

  • Brexit based on an agreement between the UK and the European Union
  • Brexit without an agreement between Great Britain and the European Union (“no-deal Brexit”)
  • New Brexit date

More details on all the possible outcomes can be found on the website of the Office for Foreigners. 

Any statements regarding Brexit can be read in the dedicated section of the website.

Additionally, the news page of the British Embassy in Warsaw offers more guidance and useful information for UK nationals in Poland. 


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