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published: 21 Nov 2023 in Work

What companies are worth working for? Ranking of best employers in Poland in 2023

Kamila Brzezińska
Kamila Brzezińska


Looking for a new job and want to find a great workplace to put down roots? If so, you probably would benefit from knowing what others consider to be the best companies to work for. In this article, we will take a look into Forbes’ “Poland’s Best Employers 2023” ranking, as well as analyze the overall usefulness and reliability of such rankings.

Why employer rankings might be useful?

Unlike in Western countries, where rankings of best employers have been present for decades, in Poland this has been a rather fresh development. However, the situation is changing, as many companies recognize the advantages of creating such lists and presenting them to a broader audience ­– that is, to potential employees. Rankings of best employers seem to pay dividends to both sides of the deal:

Benefits to potential employees:

  • Reliable information about a workplace: Usually, in employer rankings, the number of employees surveyed is rather significant. It should therefore minimize the chances of basing the assessment on the opinion of a few but vocal disgruntled employees.
  • Job Seeker Guidance: Rankings can provide job seekers with insights into an organization's workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and overall reputation. This information helps them make more informed decisions about where they want to work.

Benefits to the company:

  • Employer branding: For employers, rankings can contribute to their employer brand. A high place in a ranking can enhance a company’s prestige and name recognition. This can help them attract top talent, which can be particularly important in competitive industries where companies vie for the best candidates.
  • Pinpointing improvement areas: Employer rankings often include specific criteria such as workplace environment, benefits, career development opportunities, and more. Unfiltered feedback from the employees can inform the company whether it has taken the right course as a hospitable workplace, or perhaps there are still some changes to be done.
  • Benchmarking and improvement: information on how our company as a workplace scores next to the industry competition.

What should you consider when it comes to any ranking?

While employer rankings can have their uses, it's important for job seekers and employers alike to consider some key factors, like:

  • How reliable is the institution that creates the ranking? Does it have any grounds to be an authority on the subject?
  • Are the results really unbiased? Does said institution have any business connection with the companies on the list?
  • What was the size of the research sample? Did enough people participate in the survey?
  • What was the methodology of the research? Were the research questions exhaustive or did they have tendencies that could impact the results?

The above questions are common in any kind of research you encounter, really. It is crucial that when digesting any kind of information, we attempt to think critically about its credibility.

After all, grand conglomerates and their lobbyists love to fund scientific research: as long as it proves what they want it to prove, that is. Many such cases have been recorded and publicized in the media, like sugar companies paying scientists to downplay the impact sugar has on heart diseases, for example.

Forbes ranking and its methodology

Over the period of October to November 2022, Forbes in collaboration with Statista, created “Ranking Poland's Best Employers 2023”. Over 20,000 employees from 1900 companies participated in an online survey to create this list. In order to participate in the research, each company had to have at least 250 working in Poland.

Top 5 employers in Poland overall

According to the report, the five companies had the most favorable survey results among their employees. The flowing list presents the overall score each company received, as well as details on: the industry it is a part of, the country where it was founded, where in Poland it has its main hub/HQ, and finally, how exactly each society might be familiar to the general public.

1. Adidas

Ranking score: 82.27

Industry: Production and trade of sports clothing and accessories

Country of origin: Germany

Location in Poland: Mazovia

*Best known for: The company’s branding in Poland was so successful, that up to this day, many Poles call sports shoes “adidasy”, regardless of the actual company they were produced by.

2. CD Projekt

Ranking score: 82.16

Industry: Computer games

Country of origin: Poland

Location in Poland: Mazovia

*Best known for: The series of videogames about the Witcher ­– a monster slayer and (metaphorical) ladykiller, brooding, bold but definitely not bald, thanks to his silvery mane of hair so iconic, that it refuses to bow to the rules of physics, and somehow continues to blow in the wind even indoors.

3. Canon

Ranking score: 82.10

Industry: Electronics, specializing in optical products and printing solutions

Country of origin: Japan

Location in Poland: Mazovia

*Best known for: Canon is a pioneer of the imagining technology ­­­– if our cameras nowadays are little masterpieces of progress, with autofocus, internal image stabilization and the even capability of recording in high-definition – Canon had a huge part in making it happen.

4. Microsoft

Ranking score: 81.55

Industry: IT, Software

Country of origin: USA

Location in Poland: Mazovia

*Best known for: Windows – not the glass ones giving you a glimpse of the world outside, but rather the software of that name which gives you access to the digital world and thus ensures you never want to go outside anyway.

5. Google

Ranking score: 81.41

Industry: IT, in particular artificial intelligence,[9] online advertising, search engine technology

Country of origin: USA

Location in Poland: Mazovia

*Best known for: If you don’t know what Google is – maybe try googling it?

In a way, with the rise of SEO and new roles created specifically to ensure high positioning of content on the Google search engine, the company has inadvertently become one of the biggest creators of jobs. Google’s presence in everyday life is so encompassing, that If you ever wondered which company is the most likely to control the world, Google would probably be it. It is not already doing so, frankly speaking.

+ 6th, BMW, because... well, you will see.

Ranking score: 81.26

Industry: Automotive

Country of origin: Germany

Location in Poland: Mazovia

*Best known for: BMW cars are considered the epitome of speed, luxury and, apparently, driving pleasure – at least is how the company’s marketing campaigns like to underline with slogans such as “Sheer driving pleasure”, “BMW. Driving pleasure has a name” or “Fasterpiece.”

Such an approach is bold and creative, I’ll give you that, but apparently, some consumers have found the tone of voice of this campaign to be a little grandiloquent. Therefore, thanks to some helpful internauts, slightly more down-to-earth slogans were begotten, such as: “BMW. It’s either this or a used Corolla. Don’t be a peasant.”

The other employers that made it to the top ten best were Decathlon, Samsung, Deichman, and Electrolux.

Poland’s top 3 employers by industry + place in the overall ranking

The report also offers information about the employers, that received the best scores in their industry. Here are the top 3 employers in each of the categories:

Automotive & Transportation

  1. BMW – 6th
  2. Bosh – 21st
  3. Mercedes-Benz – 33rd

Banks and Financial Services

  1. ING Bank Śląski – 13th
  2. Bank Millennium – 32nd
  3. mBank – 42nd

Clothing, Accessories, Sports Equipment (Production and Trade)

  1. Adidas – 1st
  2. Decathlon – 7th
  3. Deichmann – 9th


  1. Drutex – 16th
  2. Velux ­­­­­– 36th
  3. Budimex – ­44th

Construction of machines and installations

  1. Siemens – 23rd
  2. General Electric ­– 40th
  3. Multiserwis – 54th

Consulting (Consulting, Taxes, Legal, Financial Auditing)

  1. PwC – 70th
  2. ITDS – 85th
  3. Capgemini – 123rd

Education and Research

  1. Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach – 51st
  2. Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu – 53rd
  3. Wydawnictwa Szkolne I Pedagogiczne – 69th

Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Hardware

  1. Canon – 3rd
  2. Samsung – 8th
  3. Intel – 15th

Gastronomy, Tourism, Sports and Recreational Services

  1. Multikino – 11th
  2. Cinema City – 17th
  3. Hilton Hotel & Resorts – 22nd

Healthcare and Social Welfare

  1. Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny we Wrocławiu – 95 th
  2. Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Kliniczny Nr 1 w Lublinie – 140 th
  3. Medicover – 146th

IT, Internet, Software, Computer Games and Computer Services

  1. CD Projekt – 2nd
  2. Microsoft – 4th
  3. Google – 5th


  1. Generali – 43rd
  2. Ergo Hestia – 72nd
  3. AEGON – 117th

Media and Advertising

  1. TVN – 200th
  2. Agora – 207th

Oil and Gas Extraction, Mining, Chemicals

  1. BP – 29th
  2. Grupa Azoty – 41st
  3. KGHM Polska Miedź – 132nd

Other Services (Human Resources, Real Estate, Call Center and Others)

  1. Inter Security – 113th
  2. Danwood – 128th
  3. Sodexo – 160th

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

  1. Adamed Pharma – 19th
  2. AstraZeneca – 25th
  3. Apteka Gemini – 84th

Production and Processing of Raw Materials, Building Materials, Metal and Paper

  1. Odlewenie Polskie – 110th
  2. Betard – 112th
  3. Barlinek – 119th

Production of Durable Consumer Goods

  1. Electrolux – 10th
  2. Apart – 24th
  3. Amica – 27th

Production of Non-durable Consumer Goods

  1. Carlsberg – 62nd
  2. Yves Rocher – 63rd
  3. Grupa spółek DANONE – 89th


  1. Allegro – 18th
  2. Jysk – 30th
  3. Lidl – 34th


  1. Nokia – 35th
  2. Motorola Solutions – 38th
  3. Ericsson – 50th

Transport and Logistic

  1. Gdańskie Autobusy i Tramwaje – 31st
  2. GLS (General Logistics Systems) – 59th
  3. DPD – 66th


  1. Enea – 48th
  2. PGE Grupa Energetyczna – 109th
  3. Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów Adamów Konin – 143rd

Wholesale Trade

  1. Grupa PSB – 214th
  2. Neuca – 261st

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