Working as a Network Engineer for Atos - interview with Przemysław Szatkowski

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What is it like to work as a Network Engineer for Atos Polska in Bydgoszcz? Przemysław Szatkowski shares his experience, career path and prospects for the future in IT in Poland.

How did your career at Atos IT Services start?

When I finished my studies, it soon became apparent that there was no work for a network engineer without experience at the Zielona Góra work market. That's why I started looking for a job on a wider scale and then I got interested in a job offer as a Network Operator in a Bydgoszcz department of Atos IT Services. The company did not require from me considerable experience but only basic knowledge of IT network areas. I read in the job offer about a relocation package which would support me financially and facilitate moving to a city placed up to a distance of 300 km from Zielona Góra. With such convenience, moving to another city was no longer a big problem. It quickly turned out that the company is interested in me, therefore, to my satisfaction, I quickly became an employee of an international company, Atos group in Poland. This is my first employer, with which for nearly two years I have been developing my competencies and directing my career

What does your development in Atos looks like?

Currently, I am a Network Engineer in a Network Data Center & Communication Services (NDCS) section and I can still see for myself a lot of possibilities in this company. In Atos I am able to see the needs of customers. I'm not talking here about the needs of end-users, but the business needs of other companies. Looking at the work of managers, who are a big support for us every day, I also have the opportunity to explore business processes which occur in the corporation. Gaining experience as a Network Operator was for me a kind of preparation for a position of a Network Engineer at Atos. The scope of duties and practical knowledge acquired in the first year allowed me to explore the basic issues of the network and after less than two years assume the position of an engineer, whose scope of responsibility is much bigger. It was a big challenge for me, which I always gladly take up.

What do you value most in your work?

I like the dynamics of this work. Changes on a living and operational customer network are sometimes very risky. What is needed then is a really great knowledge and experience to anticipate all the possible consequences of changes and prevent these unwanted. Therefore, we work in a group in a so-called “open-space” where Network Operators and Engineers sit together. This arrangement facilitates work, allows for sharing experiences and participating in extremely valuable discussions between people with very different experiences and competencies.

What motivates you?
The biggest motivation for everyday getting out of bed and coming to work is the desire to learn new things. Every day on my way to the Kraszewskiego 1 Street, by bike or bus, I wonder – what will happen today and what I will be able to learn. It is very motivating for me because I like to soak up new knowledge and gain new experiences. I can learn most by handling network incidents, which are current connection problems from clients.

Can you develop in Atos and undertake trainings?

Yes, it is definitely an additional advantage of working for Atos. The company offers technical trainings with the option of certification, as well as soft trainings. An opportunity to improve language skills is also a huge asset. Not everyone has a chance to listen to a live language spoken by natives from other countries. In my team I have the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world in English and German. There are also teams that communicate for example in French. At the beginning it is a really big challenge to understand what you hear in the headphones. Despite 11 years of learning German, for the first three months I was not able to understand one hundred percent of the conversation. I stuttered and, being stressed out, forgot the most basic words. Currently, I have no problems with communication even during interferences or noises at both sides of the "handset".

Who can find a job in Atos?

If somebody has a desire and enthusiasm to learn and acquire new knowledge but lacks technical or linguistic skills - Atos will be interested in such a person anyway. With the whole set of courses and trainings anyone can improve their skills, both linguistic and technical, without any obstacles. Currently, such personality traits give an advantage and extra points during the recruitment process.
I sincerely encourage all those who count on personal development and, above all, think about their career and future, to acquaint themselves with job offers at Atos. Atos Academies, which are free weekend trainings in various technical areas, are organized very often. Recently, the following took place: Network Academy, Juniper Enterprise Academy, Juniper Security Academy and many others which everyone can apply for. These Academies end with an exam and the best participants receive a job offer at Atos.

Our expert:

Przemysław Szatkowski works as Network Engineer, Network Data Centre and Communication Services for Atos Polska. 

Marta Gruszczyńska from Network Engineer, Network Data Centre and Communication Services at Atos Polska developed the text. 

Atos is the international leader in the IT services market. It employs more than 100,000 employees in 72 countries. In Poland the branches of the company are in Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Torun, Lodz and Cracow. There are more than 4,000 employees. According to the ranking Great Place to Work, Atos is among the forefront of the Best Place to Work in Poland. More information:

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