Polish songs you cannot have Christmas without

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Are you a fan of “Jingle Bells”, “Holy Night” or “Let It Snow”? Polish people love these songs, too, but once in Poland, you can hear a whole lot of tunes new to your foreign ear, but sounding really sweet to the people who grew up in Poland. What are some irresistible Polish songs that Poles cannot imagine Christmas without?

If you can imagine a cosy night in with your loved ones, you probably think of some well-known festive tunes playing in the background. But of course – they must vary depending on the country you live in! Polish people have their own favourite wintertime music that contains, apart from popular international hits, some songs known only to Poles. They will be perfect if you want to brush up your Polish or score some extra points from your Polish in-laws, who probably love these songs. Ho, ho, ho, let’s go!

Skaldowie - Z kopyta kulig rwie 

Let’s start with a winter’s classic by Polish The Beatles. It’s not exactly Christmassy, but its catchy tune set to resemble the pace of a kulig – a sleigh ride party organised in the olden days in the most freezing winter evenings. The song references the joys of taking part in such an entertainment and reminds you in one of the lines to dress appropriately to the Polish weather – the men are wearing smoking suits underneath their sheepskin coats. 



Ania Szarmach - Coraz bliżej święta

This is not a product placement but the Coca-Cola song in Polish language version is very prominent over the Holiday period. The ad airs every half an hour and the tune can be also heard in shopping malls as well as other public places. Although it is commercial in its origins, the lyrics point to the joy of sharing and Christmas magic in general, luckily with no mention of soda. 

De Su - Kto wie

Who knows? (the literal translation of the song's title Who knows) - maybe this will be your number one Polish pop hit this Christmas? With its uplifting lyrics suggesting that in Christmastime God and angels look out for our special wishes and make the dreams come true. 

Edyta Górniak & Krzysztof Antkowiak - Pada śnieg

Could this be a Polish response to Let It Snow? The slow-paced song by one of the most popular Polish female vocalists is a duet designed to reflect upon the joys of childhood, with many references to fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. It is there to remind Poles that although the gray-haired year is coming to an end, they may and should remain youthful, kind and honest inside - all these thoughts appearing thanks to watching the snow fall outside. 

Czerwone gitary - Dzień jeden w roku 

The final song in our Polish Christmas Music 101 course is another old-school classic written with Christmas Eve in mind. As you may know, Polish people tend to celebrate 24th of December as much as they do the Christmas Day, if not more! This song is all about positivity surrounding ­Wigilia and the good wishes Poles send to one another on this day. And as the song goes – It is the only day that starts at dusk all across Polish households. 

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