200 jobs easier to get in Poland

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Before the summer arrives, Polish employers will find it easier to hire a foreigner in nearly 200 professions. What does it mean for expats-to-be?

Polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy is working on new regulations regarding the employment of foreign workers in Poland. The task underway is to introduce a list of professions that are going to be exempt from the necessity of conducting a labour market test in Poland. The new regulation will concern potential employees from all over the world, and not only in the most workforce-thirsty sectors, such as construction, but also nurses, doctors and engineers.

What is a labour market test?

The new procedure will shorten the time of formalities, but experts alarm that more needs to be done to erase extra difficulties. Even though Polish employers will not need to prove that there are no unemployed people in Poland willing to do the jobs, they may still need to get a work permit for their foreign workforce. The process of obtaining one takes longer and longer, reports show. Now some emloyees wait for their permit to work in Poland even up to six months due to overcrowding in local job centres. Nevertheless, reducing the amount of paperwork in the 200 jobs, will help reduce the waiting time by even three weeks.

Which jobs are to be recommended to this advantageous list?

  • truck drivers
  • bricklayers
  • concreters, steel fixers and similar
  • roofers
  • excavator operators and similar
  • engine drivers and crane operators
  • welders
  • locksmiths
  • construction electricians
  • electrical technicians
  • electrical engineers
  • industry & manufacturing engineers
  • nurses (without specialisation or in the course of)
  • doctors (with the second level specialisation or already a title of medical specialist)
  • programmers
  • IT systems analysts
  • database designers and administrators
  • designers of net apps and multimedia
  • IT system development specialists

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Ewelina Nurczyk

Ewelina Nurczyk


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