Are you a medical tourist in Poland?

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Having a career in Poland is an appealing idea, but before such decisions are made, some foreigners get to know Poland from a different perspective – as their medical paradise. Highly-skilled doctors, modern equipment and most of all low prices attract people from all over Europe to Polish healthcare. Are you one of them?

True or false?

What may seem like a conspiracy theory, turns out to be fully understandable and has profound economic grounds. Healthcare in Poland is still less expensive than in many other European countries, even when we take into consideration private facilities and practitioners. According to the PwC report from 2016, Poland receives every year around 400,000 foreign patients, who come both from the East and West of Europe, and the rate is growing at almost 15 percent a year!

Surgeries and treatments

Many foreigners come to Poland so as to enjoy quite common and generally not invasive surgeries or treatments. Poland is particularly popular amongst those who seek to have orthopaedic or heart surgeries, laser eyesight correction or couples undergoing fertility treatments. However, the biggest hit with medical tourists is dental surgery and care – prices in Poland are so attractive that people are willing to come to Poland to fix their smile from all over the world. Dentistry in Poland is generally on a high level and deserves this popularity.

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Attractive prices, attractive people

Another group of medical tourists consists of people who wish to look or feel better in their own skin. Obesity treatments, spa & health resorts and aesthetic medicine including plastic surgeries are also what Poland is known for abroad. Foreigners who want to improve their looks may also choose Polish facilities not only because lower prices, but also because of the beautiful Polish nature allowing for faster regeneration. Recovering does come easier in peaceful circumstances.

Business like no other

While many people from neighbouring countries have been medical tourists all their lives, simply using the benefits of close neighbourhood, more remote European states find their own way of handling medical tourism. There are a lot of agencies which target patients interested in trying out excellent Polish healthcare. This branch of business, focused on arranging organised tours and helping out with formalities, is expanding rapidly. Polish businessmen and professionals make use of that as well – they enjoy openly advertising their services to foreign tourists, often combining them with sightseeing. Looks like another gap in the market has been filled!

Future prospects

Polish government has already eyed the opportunity to promote medical tourism in Poland across Europe. There are special meetings held in many regions of Poland that explain the potential behind this kind of activities. After all, it works both ways – Polish medical staff are busy with new patients, while the latter receive high-standard services at lower prices. In its report PwC uses Turkey as an example of a country that has successfully used medical tourism to facilitate its economic and technological growth in this sector. Shall Poland repeat that? 

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