Children's Day in Poland

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1 June always marks a special day in the Polish calendar – Children’s Day. Although it is not a bank holiday, it is good to know what you can expect on this day, especially if you are an expat parent in Poland.

The holiday is not moveable – it always takes place on 1 June, which luckily coincides with the beginning of summer. This is why Children’s Day in Poland is often used as a camping or picnic opportunity and certainly should be celebrated with a gift, even a small one, to your children or even the kids you know and keep in touch with on a regular basis. A new toy, book or a cinema outing is a must! 

If your children are school-age, make sure you check the schedule in their Polish school beforehand – 1 June may be a day off classes, with some extra activities planned that may require your involvement or simply additional planning. It is very likely to be celebrated throughout primary school, but it is usually dropped at later stages of education.

What about work? You may be surprised to get some extra benefits if you are a parent. Some employers get involved in organising special gift bags for employees’ kids with sweets or toys, while others may even plan some activities. 1 June is also a perfect opportunity to turn it into a Take Your Kids to Work Day!

If you are not a parent – you may still be affected by the celebrations! In some cities children read bus stop names on public transport instead of regular voices. Other cultural institutions like museums or public facilities may also adjust their functioning to the little ones and organise special workshops or events. Even the Polish Parliament has been holding special sessions of children "politicians" since 1994, although in 2018 the meeting is likely to be transferred to another date. Anyway, if you fancy staying out of politics, it will still be impossible to get ice cream in your nearest park, since all the vendors will be surrounded by parents and grandparents entertaining their kids!

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