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published: 14 May 2024 in News

Chopin concert season in Warsaw begins

Kamila Brzezińska
Kamila Brzezińska


Amidst the splendor of nature, but in the very heart of Poland and its capital, Chopin's concert season begins. When can we watch these outstanding pianist performances?

Each year, amidst the serene ambiance of the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw, music enthusiasts and admirers of Chopin's work gather eagerly for the much-anticipated concert season. The concerts not only celebrate the renowned composer's legacy but also serve as a testament to music as a universal language comprehended on a deeper, emotional level.

In short, about Chopin

The concerts serve as a homage to Fryderyk Chopin. Born in Żelazowa Wola, a small village near Warsaw, Chopin is somewhat Poland's prodigious son, whose compositions continue to captivate audiences worldwide. His innovative approach to the piano and emotive compositions secured his place as one of the greatest composers in history. Chopin's music is applauded for its ability to deeply resonate with the audience's emotions, conveying feelings such as sorrow and nostalgia for the times gone by.

When and where can I watch the Chopin Concerts?

The Royal Baths Park, with its lush greenery and majestic palatial structures, provides an enchanting backdrop for cultural events, drawing visitors from around the globe. It is within this idyllic setting that Chopin's music finds its perfect stage.

The performances will be held from May 19 to September 29, at 12 and 16 o’clock, at the Frederic Chopin Monument in the Royal Baths Park. The concerts will delight your ears and wallet alike, as the entry is completely free.

This year we will celebrate the 65th season of this event.

Who will be performing?

This season of summer Chopin recitals will be filled with performances by outstanding pianists. We will have a chance to admire artists both from Poland and abroad, including artists hailing from the USA, France, Italy, China, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea.

If you are in Warsaw for the summer, this is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Detailed concert schedule

May 19

12.00 - Krzysztof Jablonski, Sinfonia Varsovia, 16.00 - Leonora Armellini (Italy), Sinfonia Varsovia

May 26

12.00 - Michelle Candotti (Italy), 16.00 - Mijuji Kaneko (Japan)

June 2

12.00 - Marek Drewnowski, 16.00 - Julia Łozowska

June 9

12.00 - Magdalena Lisak, 16.00 - Aleksandra Świgut

June 16

12.00 - Karolina Nadolska, 16.00 - Adam Goździewski

June 23

12.00 - Maria Gabryś-Heyke, 16.00 - Piotr Pawlak

June 30

12.00 - Marcin Wieczorek, 16.00 - Hyuk Lee (South Korea)

July 7

12.00 - Rafał Łuszczewski, 16.00 - Beata Bilińska

July 14

12.00 - Eryk Parchanski, 16.00 - Ikuyo Nakamichi (Japan)

July 21

12.00 - Radoslaw Sobczak, 16.00 - Julia Kociuban

28 July

12.00 - Hao Rao (China), 16.00 - Adam Kalduński

August 4

12.00 - Trung viet Nguyen (Vietnam), 16.00 - Kamila Sacharzewska

August 11

12.00 - Joanna Ławrynowicz, 16.00 - Avery Gagliano (USA).

August 18

12.00 - Tokiko Kobayakawa (Japan), 16.00 - Toshiki Ishii (Japan)

August 25

12.00 - Jakub Kuszlik, 16.00 - Tomasz Marut

September 1

12.00 - Aleksandra Bobrowska, 16.00 - Zbigniew Raubo

September 8

12.00 - François Dumont (France), 16.00 - Jan Wachowski

September 15

12.00 - Mateusz Dubiel, 16.00 - Mateusz Tomica

September 22

12.00 - Jan Zielinski, 16.00 - Filip Wojciechowski

September 29

12.00 - Rinko Kobayashi (Japan/Poland), 16.00 - Karol Radziwonowicz


Towarzystwo im. Fryderyka Chopina

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